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Best Lawn Program

NOTICE:  We typically soil sample for BEST Lawns from the end of March to early/mid-November, weather permitting.  Occasionally, we'll soil sample beyond those times if the weather permits and volunteers are available.  Please understand that the Master Gardeners are volunteers so their schedules and availability vary.  With early season applications, soil sampling does not start until late March/when weather conditions permit. If you have questions, please contact Natali Walker at [email protected].


Grass is a high maintenance plant. To grow grass well you have to understand its needs. Healthy grass is the best defense against weeds, pests and diseases in your lawn. BEST Lawns Can Help!

The Building Environmentally Sustainable Turf (BEST) Lawn Program makes the best use of valuable resources (your time and money) and protects your neighborhood streams, lakes, ponds and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay.

The BEST Lawn Program will help you learn turf fertilization maintenance practices and timing to prevent problems. Depending upon the current condition of your lawn, converting to a BEST Lawn will take some time and planning. Don't delay! When you join BEST Lawns, an Extension Master Gardener Volunteer will collect a soil sample and measure your total lawn area. You will then receive a BEST Lawn Care Handbook and a customized lime and fertilizer plan for your lawn.

A fee of $40 covers one soil test and provides program materials.  (The price change is effective 1/1/2018)  Additional soil tests are $15 each. Download and print the BEST Lawn application 2018.pdf to enroll today! Please note: lawn assessments are prioritized by date of receipt, weather, soil moisture and volunteer availability.

Also available to download:


For more assistance with lawn care, contact the VCE Environmental Educator at 703-792-4037 or at [email protected].

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