Temporary Office And Construction Trailers

Zoning approval is required for all temporary office and construction trailers.

  • For construction trailers, obtain a building release letter (for trailer only) from the Department of Development Services.
  • Submit the application fee.
  • Provide three (3) copies (to-scale) of the approved Prince William County site plan, with the office and/or construction trailer drawn to scale and all dimensions labeled.
  • Provide the exact address or GPIN for the location of the trailer.
  • Trailer cannot be located in any easement, unless applicant provides written permission from the easement holder.
  • Trailer must maintain the setback requirements of the zoning district for the site.
  • Trailer shall not be located in any right-of-way.
  • Off-site trailers are not permitted (i.e. in an area not shown on the approved site plan).
  • Zoning approval is for construction office or business office uses only.

For more information on Temporary Office and Construction Trailers or other zoning approval requirements please send an email to [email protected] or call (703) 792-6830 (TTY: 711)