Tents Used As Temporary Structures


The Prince William County Office of Planning and Zoning in conjunction with the Building Development Division, Department of Public Works, and the Office of the Fire Marshal streamlined the process for Temporary Activity Permits.

The results of the combined effort were to combine the requirements of the Operational Permit required by the Office of the Fire Marshal into the scope of the Building Permit and eliminated the need for a separate operational permit for the use of Tents as Temporary Structures.

As part of the new process a joint final inspection will be conducted by Building Inspections and the Office of the Fire Marshal. The approved field-generated inspection report will serve as the Temporary Occupancy Permit eliminating the need for the customer to come in-person to the Development Services Building to obtain the Temporary Occupancy Permit after the approved Final Inspection but before use of the Tent.

This procedure became effective in 2007, revised August 2021, and can be accessed by reviewing the Tent Requirements information sheet.

Questions concerning the new procedure can be directed to:

Amanda Spittle
Prince William County
Construction Services Branch Chief
[email protected]
(703) 792-7421 (TTY: 711)