Newly Improved Cloverdale Bridge Connects Community

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Residents surrounding Cloverdale Park in Dale City have much to celebrate and enjoy now that the Cloverdale Bridge improvements have been completed and the bridge has been reopened. It’s been a little over four years since the bridge was severely damaged from flooding in July 2018, which led to the subsequent closure of the bridge due to unsafe conditions.

In October of last year, construction for the project to raise the bridge began and was completed last month. Many improvements were made including: removal of trees and underbrush; installation of erosion controls; installation of a stone-based access road; demo & removal of existing concrete bridge abutments and removal of existing bridge; and the formation and construction of new concrete pedestrian bridge abutments, resetting the bridge, filling & grading slopes up to the new bridge.

“Having the bridge completed means the world to this community,” said Victor S. Angry, Neabsco District Supervisor. “The improved bridge now connects to the surrounding neighborhood giving them direct access to Cloverdale Park.”

The park will also see other improvements over the next year, which have already begun. This includes the design and installation of a new park entrance and installation of new ADA-compliant pedestrian sidewalks and trails within the park, new curbs, and gutters. Paving the existing roadway and storm drainage improvements to the parking lots will also be done along with installation of new parking spaces, new benches and two small retaining walls.

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Watch this short video to learn more about the improvements.

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