Schedule an Inspection

For more details on Inspection Scheduling - Automated Systems, see our handout: Guidelines to Using the Automated Plan Status & Inspection Scheduling Systems.

At various stages during construction, inspections must be performed by County staff to ensure the work has been done according to approved plans and building code requirements.

To access the Automated Systems, please visit the online ePortal at or call the Automated Phone System at 1-866-457-5280 to:

      • Schedule Inspections
      • Cancel or Reschedule Inspections 
      • Obtain Inspection Results
      • Automated System for Plan Review Status and Comments

Both systems are available seven days a week, including holidays.

Inspections must be scheduled by 3 p.m. on the work day prior to the desired date of the inspection. When requesting information or scheduling inspections from the automated phone system, the system will 'speak' back to you and provide important information: the permit number, the site address, and the type of inspection.  Please listen to this information carefully for verification.

Residential One- and Two-Family (IRC) Inspections for construction of new dwelling units, additions, alterations, and basement finishing using the IRC code are in the Combination Inspection Program. The inspection codes for combination concealment (198) and combination final (199) are under the Building heading.

To Schedule an Inspection

Please visit the online ePortal at or call the Automated Phone System at 1-866-457-5280 to schedule an inspection.

On the Automated Phone System press three (3) to schedule an inspection. When prompted, enter your 6 digit IVR Pin Number, and follow the instructions to enter the inspection code from the listing below. When requested, enter your telephone number.


To Cancel or Reschedule an Inspection

Please visit the online ePortal at or call the Automated Phone System at 1-866-457-5280 to cancel or reschedule an inspection.

You may use the automated system to cancel inspections until midnight on the workday prior to the scheduled inspection day. On the Automated Phone System, press four (4) to cancel or five (5) to reschedule the inspection and follow the instructions.  


After midnight on the day before, and until 7:30 a.m. on the inspection day, you may cancel an inspection by calling the Inspections Office at 703-792-7006. Please leave a message with the following information:
  1. The permit number
  2. The inspection number and type of inspection you are canceling
  3. Your name and phone number


After 7:30 a.m. on the inspection day, you may cancel an inspection for that day by calling the Inspections Office at 703-792-7006. You must cancel the inspection by 8 a.m. to avoid paying a cancellation fee.



To Obtain Inspection Results

Please visit the online ePortal at or call the Automated Phone System at 1-866-457-5280 to obtain inspection results.

You can also use either of the automated systems to learn the results of an inspection. On the Automated Phone System, press two (2) to obtain inspection results. The system is designed so that you can obtain inspection results shortly after the inspection has occurred. 


Note: All final inspections shall be approved before a certificate of use and occupancy will be issued. In addition to the above inspections, your project may require approval of one or more of the following areas prior to issuance of a certificate of use and occupancy.

1.  Fire Marshal: All non-residential and some multi-family construction must be inspected by the Fire Marshal prior to occupancy. Call 703-792-6360 to schedule a pre-occupancy inspection or for more information.

2.  Health Department: All occupancies using individual wells and/or septic systems AND food service establishments must have Health Department approval prior to occupancy. Call 703-792-6310 for further information.

3.  Service Authority: All occupancies using public water and sewer must have work completed and obtain Service Authority, Virginia American Water or Dale Service Corporation approval before receiving a certificate for use and occupancy. Call the Service Authority at 703-335-7930 for inspections or for more information. The Dale Service Corporation may be reached at 703-590-4495. Contact Virginia American Water at 703-491-2136.

4.  Site Inspection: A certificate of use and occupancy will not be issued until all site work has been completed. The inspection will ensure the work conforms to the approved site or subdivision plan. For more information call 703-792-7070.



Building Inspections
1010    Footing - Retaining Wall
1020    Footing - Pier/Deck
1030    Footing - Buildings
1040    Backfill - Retaining Wall
1050    Backfill - Buildings
1060    Basement Slab
1070    Garage Slab
1080    Porch Slab/Stoop
1090    Other Slab & Non-residential Pours
1100    Chimney Throat/Thimble/Hearth
1110    Poured Concrete Walls
1120    Wall Concealment - Building
1130    Ceiling Concealment - Building
1140    Building Concealment - Building
1150    Insulation (No Mechanical Permit)
1160    Structural Steel - Buildings
1170    Swimming Pool Structural Steel
1180    Final Inspection - Retaining Wall
1200    Lot Grading Final
1210    Swimming Pool Final
1220    Fireproofing
1230    Party/Separation Wall
1260    Lot Escrow Release Inspection
1470    Emergency Light/Generator Test
1500    Final Inspection - Buildings
Electrical Inspections
2010    Service - Temporary On Pole
2020    Electrical Service
2030    Grounding Electrodes
2040    Electrical Groundwork
2050    Post Light Trench
2060    Septic Trench
2070    Well Trench
2080    Other Electrical Trench
2090    Pool Perimeter Bonding
2100    Pool Concealment
2110    Wall Concealment - Electrical
2120    Ceiling Concealment - Electrical
2130    Electrical Concealment
2140    Panel Boards
2150    Swimming Pool Final
2170    Pool Shell Bonding
2470    Emergency Light/Generator Test
2500    Electrical Final
Mechanical Inspections
3010    Mechanical Groundwork
3020    Wall Concealment - Mechanical
3030    Ceiling Concealment - Mechanical
3040    Mechanical Concealment
3050    Grease Duct Only
3060    Equipment Only
3070    Insulation
3080    Hydronic Test
3500    Mechanical Final
Plumbing Inspections
4010    Groundwork
4020    Well Trench
4030    Water Service
4040    Sewer Lateral
4050    Sewer & Water Service
4060    Sewer & Water Service & Groundwork
4070    Storm Sewer
4080    Roof Drains
4090    Backflow Device
4100    Wall Concealment - Plumbing
4110    Ceiling Concealment - Plumbing
4120    Plumbing Concealment
4500    Plumbing Final
Storage Tank Inspections
6010    Tank Test/Air Pressure Test
6020      Tank Placement (with or w/o Deadmen)
6030    Piping Test
6040    Closure - Removal Or Abandon In Place
6500    Storage Tank Final
Gas Inspections
7010    Concealment/Gas Test
7500    Gas Final




Building Inspections*
101      Footing - Retaining Wall
102      Footing - Pier/Deck
103      Footing - Buildings
104      Backfill - Retaining Wall
105      Backfill - Buildings
106      Basement Slab
107      Garage Slab
108      Porch Slab/Stoop
109      Other Slab
110      Chimney Throat/Thimble/Hearth
111      Poured Concrete Wall
112      Wall Concealment - Building
113      Ceiling Concealment - Building
114      Building Concealment - Building
115      Insulation (No Mechanical Permit)
116      Structural Steel - Buildings
117      Swimming Pool Structural Steel
118      Final Inspection - Retaining Wall
120      Lot Grading Final
121      Swimming Pool Final
122      Fireproofing
123      Party/Separation Wall
126      Lot Escrow Release Inspection
151      Residential Final (Decks, Minor Work)
198*    Residential Combination Concealment
199*    Residential Combination Final
Electrical Inspections*
201      Service - Temporary On Pole
202**  Electrical Service
203      Grounding Electrodes
204      Electrical Groundwork
205      Post Light Trench
206      Septic Trench
207      Well Trench
208      Other Electrical Trench
209      Pool Perimeter Bonding
210      Pool Concealment
211      Wall Concealment - Electrical
212      Ceiling Concealment - Electrical
213      Electrical Concealment
214      Panel Boards
215      Swimming Pool Final
217      Pool Shell Bonding
250      Electrical Final
Mechanical Inspections*
301      Mechanical Groundwork
304      Mechanical Concealment
305      Ductwork Only
307      Insulation
308      Hydronic Test
350      Mechanical Final
Plumbing Inspections*
401      Groundwork
402      Well Trench
403      Water Service
404      Sewer Lateral
405      Sewer & Water Service
406      Sewer & Water Service & Groundwork
407      Storm Sewer
408      Roof Drains
409      Backflow Device
412      Plumbing Concealment
450      Plumbing Final
Residential Limited Repair
501      Gas-Piping Test
502      Concealment
550      Limited Repair Final
Storage Tank Inspections
601*    Tank/Air Pressure Test
602        Tank Placement (with or w/o Deadmen)
603      Piping Test
604      Closure - Removal Or Abandon In Place
650      Storage Tank Final
Gas Inspections*
701      Concealment/Gas Test
750      Gas Final
*Trade inspections for Residential One and Two Family (IRC) Inspections for Construction of new dwelling units, additions, alterations and basement finishing using the IRC Code are in the Combination Inspection Program.  The Inspection Codes for Combination Concealment (198) and Combination Final (199) are under the "Building" heading.
**Electrical Service Inspections
For Single Family Homes and Townhouses, the 202 (Electrical Service Inspection) must be called in at the same time as the 198 (Building Combination Concealment Inspection).
Note: For Residential Occupancy, you must have your 199, 120 and your PWCSA Final or Health Department Operation Permit.
Note: For Commercial Occupancy, you must have all Final Inspections completed on all permits and the FMO Final Inspection. Other items may be needed, including PWCSA Final or Site Final Inspection. Please contact Building Permitting Services with any questions. To request the Site Final Inspection, please contact Watershed Management.



Please note: Not all Fire Marshal Inspections are currently able to be scheduled through the Automated System. Call the Fire Marshal's Office at 703-792-6360 between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. to schedule inspections for the following day. The Fire Marshal must be contacted regarding any permits associated with fire protection.


Fire Marshal Inspections
955      Standpipe Final
958      Wet Chemical
959      Underground Visual
960      Underground Hydro
961      Underground Flush
962      Sprinkler Hydro
963      Concentration Test
964      Sprinkler Trip
965      Sprinkler Air
966      Wet Sprinkler Final
967      Standpipe Hydro
968      Standpipe Flow
969      Clean Agent Test
970      Hood
971      Dry Chemical
972      Fire Pump
973      Fire Alarm
974      Fire Alarm Battery Test
975      Standpipe Visual
976      Flow Test
977      Alternative Suppression Final
981      Fire Alarm Final
982      Underground Fire Main Final
983      Sprinkler Visual
984      Sprinkler Breezeway Loop Hydro
985      Sprinkler Breezeway Loop Visual
986      Sprinkler Breezeway Loop Flush
987      Sprinkler 4-Head Flow-13R
988      Dry Sprinkler Final
989      Sprinkler 2-head flow-13D
990      Sprinkler Antifreeze
146      Final Inspection – Shell
148      Furniture Storage (Inspection by FMO)
149      Pre-Occupancy (Inspection by FMO)
For more details on Inspection Scheduling - Automated Systems see our handout: Guidelines to Using the Automated Plan Status & Inspection Scheduling Systems.