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English Language Education

Prince William Public Libraries (PWPL) provides a number of different materials and services for adults interested in learning English, improving their reading and writing skills, as well as materials for daily living and leisure time. Resources are also available for those adults working towards their GED, U.S. Citizenship and other test preparations. All services and resources offered by the library are free.


Books and Audios
Books and audiovisual materials geared to the new English speaker are available at all 11 libraries, with a larger collection at each of the six full-service facilities (Bull Run, Central, Chinn Park, Haymarket Gainesville, Montclair, and Potomac Libraries). Audio materials include CDs, and provide a person learning English with resources relating to pronunciation, grammar, idioms, and other basic language skills. Some resources are geared specifically toward speakers of Spanish, Korean, Hindi and other world languages, while others are useful to any new English language learner. 

Several online language learning tools are accessible by going to the Digital Library and selecting Languages. These online resources provide interactive learning for those who want to learn English.

All of these resources are free to patrons with a valid library card.

Test Guides
PWPL provides test guides in such areas as citizenship, TOEFL, GED, etc., which exist both in print and online. If you would like to see what is currently available, check our web catalog. Gale Presents: Peterson's Test Prep provide free online practice tests for both the GED and U.S. Citizenship test. Go to our Digital Library page to access this resource. You will be prompted to enter your library card number to enter the database. 


Conversation Programs
English Conversation is offered virtually at this time in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bull Run Library, Central Library, Chinn Park Library, Haymarket Gainesville Library, Montclair Library, and Potomac Library provide regularly scheduled weekly sessions where beginning speakers can come and practice speaking English. Each group has a facilitator to assist with informal conversations and to help improve the listening skills and speaking abilities of the attendants. This is not a class, but an opportunity to practice English in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. 

English conversation programs that are offered at the library. Please check Tutoring with the Literacy Volunteers of America for specific dates and times.



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TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

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