Director’s Bio

  • Seth Hendler-Voss

    Seth Hendler-Voss has served as Prince William County’s Director of Parks & Recreation Department since 2017.  Seth received a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from the Pennsylvania State University (2001) and a Master of Public Affairs from Western Carolina University (2014).  He is a Registered Landscape Architect and a Certified Parks and Recreation Executive.  He has served in numerous local government roles including Town Manager for Canton, NC, Planning and Development Manager for Asheville, NC, Principal Landscape Architect for Asheville, NC, and Principal Landscape Architect for Atlanta, GA.  Seth is the father of two boys and married to the Reverend Amanda Hendler-Voss.  In his free time, Seth enjoys running, day tripping, and creating art.  Seth served on the Board of Regents for the NRPA/NCSU Park Maintenance Management School and currently serves as an instructor the NRPA Park Directors School.