The goal of the program is to improve public safety through the installation and maintenance of streetlights along public/state maintained roadways. Streetlights are a proven method to reduce the frequency and severity of crimes and accidents. The program is a partnership between the County, Dominion Virginia Power, and Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative. The Streetlight Program is managed by the County's Streetlight Program Coordinator. The Coordinator works closely with the District Supervisors, the Police Department, HOA's and constituents to select locations for the installation of streetlights. Citizens may request the installation of streetlights through their District Supervisor or by calling Prince William County Department of Transportation at 703-792-6825.

The County does have an active street lighting program where each Magisterial District receives a limited amount of funding for lighting installations along state maintained/public roadways. Below is some additional information on the County's street lighting program.

Prince William County ​does have an active street lighting program which would cover installations along Public/State maintained roadways. Lighting requests within areas which are deemed private, i.e. private roads, private drives, parking lots, playgrounds, common areas, etc. would have to be handled by either the developer, HOA, Community Association or the actual property owner. In addition, any lighting requests within a town home community where the streets are privately maintained would have to be addressed by the HOA, Community Association or the actual property owner in the vicinity of the light location. The following is a quick breakdown of the program. Each Magisterial District receives a minimal amount of funding each year for lighting projects within their District. Typically this funding will cover only two to four lights within their entire District. The street lighting program was developed to target specific locations to illuminate that area for higher visibility and safety during the nighttime hours. With the small amount of funding for the program, it was not designed for lighting entire stretches of roadways. Each District Supervisor handles their lighting requests a little differently; some may choose to obtain a cost estimate for a project right away while others will gather requests and towards the end of the fiscal year will authorize the Street Lighting Branch to obtain cost estimates for their chosen projects. Requests for new or additional lighting along Public/State maintained roadways would need to be routed through the District Supervisor's office. In addition, if the Supervisor elects to move forward with the project then a petition showing support for the installation(s) may be required by the surrounding properties owners within the vicinity of the proposed light location(s).


To report streetlight outages or problems please call the PWC Street Lighting Branch at 703-792-6825 or report directly to your local service utility provider:

  • Dominion's Streetlight Repair at 1-888-667-3000.
  • NOVEC's Streetlight Repair Portal at 703-335-0500.

To improve service when making a service request, please provide the closest street name and address. This will help identify the correct street light and facilitate its repair (Helpful Hints). Routine maintenance such as bulb and photo eye replacement will be completed within 11 days (typically repairs are completed within 3 to 4 business days). Underground faults or wiring issues may take up to 45 days to be repaired.

Information For Developers

  • Developers must contact the Streetlight Program Coordinator within 10 days of the pre-construction meeting to initiate the lighting installation process and submit a street lighting package that outlines the proposed lighting for their development.
  • Bond money will not be released unless the Developer possesses a paid receipt from the service utility provider for the project's streetlight installation.

As an addition resource, the County offers a street lighting guide for developers. Street Lighting Guide V6.1.pdf

Standards & Policies:

  • Chapter 32 of the Prince William County Code of Ordinances pertains to the outdoor street lighting ordinances.