Route 1 Renaming

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Street Renaming to Richmond Highway - Implementation Target Date: July 2022 – Draft Schedule

​Process ​Estimated Start ​Estimated Completions
​VDOT Review/ CTB Approval ​November 2020 ​February 2021
Engage with Businesses November 2020 July 2023
Addressing Analysis November 2020 July 2021

Notification and Records Update

August 2021

June 2022

​Name Change Implementation ​July 2022 ​July 2022
​Notifications, Updates, Installation and Alignment ​July 2022 ​July 2023



The Board of County Supervisors, through DIR 20-45 and DIR 20-54, requested staff to begin the process of renaming Jefferson Davis Highway (Route 1) and develop a plan to mitigate the impacts of renaming Route 1 on affected businesses.

On September 8, 2020, the Board of County Supervisors approved a Resolution to request the Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board to change the name of Route 1 in Prince William County from Jefferson Davis Highway. The link below will direct you to the Board Meeting Resolution and Presentation provided to the Board.

The request was approved by the Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) on November 24, 2020. The following link will direct you to the CTB Resolution:

Next Steps

The targeted implementation date is July 2022 and as we move forward, Prince William County staff will develop a communication and engagement plan with the affected business owners and homeowners. It is during this process that staff will provide all the detailed information and tools necessary to make this a smooth transition from Jefferson Davis Highway to Richmond HighwayImpacted property owners and businesses with addresses on file with the County will receive letters with additional information on the readdressing process and the grant assistance program beginning in August 2021


Prince William County is launching the Route 1 Refresh Grant program, which provides financial assistance to businesses located along U.S. Route 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) in Prince William County, to help mitigate the financial impacts caused by the renaming. For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section below and view the program flyer at the following link:


Prince William County held a virtual information meeting on February, 24, 2021, to inform residents and businesses, specifically those impacted, of the project background, efforts to date, status, and next steps.  The public was invited to ask questions after the presentation and provided feedback.  A complete recording is available below.  The frequently asked questions (FAQs) will be updated with additional information related to the session.

The Townhall presentation written in both English and Spanish is posted below:

Route 1 Renaming Townhall Presentation_English.pdf                      Route 1 Renaming Townhall Presentation_Spanish.pdf

A recording of the Townhall can be viewed at the following link:



 Route 1 Renaming FAQ

Why is the County Renaming Jefferson Davis Highway?

On June 16, 2020 the Prince William Board of County Supervisors issued Directive 20-45 for the County to “Begin the Process of Renaming Jefferson Davis Highway (Route 1)”. The County conducted a nearly 3-month research and planning process and presented findings to the Board on September 8, 2020. At that time, the Board of County Supervisors unanimously voted to request that the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) approve renaming Jefferson Davis Highway.

 What is the Route 1 being Renamed to?

The approved Resolution requests that the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) rename Jefferson Davis Highway to “Richmond Highway.” This is consistent with the name of Route 1 in Fairfax County, Arlington County and the City of Alexandria and will reduce confusion for roadway users.

 Why not just call it Route 1?

Assigning a street name is required by local and state transportation agencies and addresses ordinances.  Street names are necessary for official documents (i.e. business licenses, permits), directional mapping systems and deliveries, and public emergency response.

 Is this official?

Yes. Route 1 in Prince William County is part of the State Highway System and the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) has authority over the name of the roadway. The name change of Route 1 became official when the CTB passed a resolution on November 24, 2020 approving Prince William County’s request. However, it will still be an 18-month process to change the street signs and update all of the addresses

 When will this happen?

The targeted implementation date is early 2021 through Summer 2022.

 What is the process?

County staff will begin the process of updating addresses and records. Affected properties will receive direct notification and communication regarding the process and will have 12 months to prepare. Once the new street name is implemented, the County will work with properties to resolve any potential issues.

Will the public be involved?

Yes! Public outreach and opportunities for feedback will be included in all stages of the process.   Public information meetings are being scheduled and exact dates will be forthcoming.  

What is this going to cost?

The Board approved the FY22 budget which included a budget initiative and appropriation of $3.6 million for the Route 1 Renaming project.  Specifically, $3 million was allocated to mitigate the impacts renaming Route 1 would have on small businesses in Prince William County.  On July 20, 2021 the Board approved the Route 1 Refresh grant program--that was proposed by Economic Development--to meet this directive.  The remaining $600,000 consists of $400,000 for replacing street name signs and $200,000 for project management costs such as updating County databases, such as Geographic Information System (GIS).  It is important to note that although $3 million was allocated for the grant program, there is a possibility that the total amount might not need to be used.

What about the impacts to small businesses?

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors issued Directive 20-54 to “Develop a Plan to Mitigate the Impacts of Renaming Route 1 on Affected Small Businesses.” In response, the Department of Economic Development surveyed and actively engaged the business community along Route 1 to identify potential costs to businesses.

As conveyed in the survey results and feedback from the business community, the Department of Economic Development recommended that the Board establish the Route 1 Refresh Grant Program to offset the potential impacts stemming from the renaming. 

On July 20, 2021, the Board unanimously approved the establishment of the grant program. The Board also authorized the transfer of $3 million to the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Prince William to implement the program.

The grant offers three levels of funding to eligible businesses:

  • Level I - $500 grants for all eligible businesses.
  • Level 2 - Up to $4,500 additional funds as a reimbursable grant for all eligible businesses.
  • Level 3 – Reimbursable up to 75 percent of the modification costs not to exceed $30,000 to update freestanding signs shopping center signs that contain Jefferson Davis Highway as part of the sign face or design.

See the Route 1 Refresh Grant Flyer for more information here:

How do I qualify for the grant program and what is the process?

To qualify for the grants, businesses must have a Jefferson Davis Highway business address, be physically located in Prince William County, be current on business taxes and complete the application. Grant funding is meant to be used on expenses directly related to the name change which could include staffing consultant services, marketing, signage, updating printed media (i.e. brochures, business cards menus, etc.). Funding could also be spent on website, social media and internet search engine updates, updating legal paperwork and updating addresses with vendors, suppliers, customers and permits or certificate of occupancy fees also qualify for funding.

DED will market the grant program through social media and direct outreach beginning in early August 2021. Businesses may apply beginning in early July 2022 and the application period will be six months. Impacted businesses are encouraged to schedule a free consultation with a representative from the Prince William County Department of Economic Development to discuss how the Route 1 Refresh Grant program can help your business. Call 703-792-5500 or email [email protected] to make your appointment. 

Where will the money come from?

Renaming Route 1 and mitigating impacts to small businesses was included in the County’s fiscal year (FY 2022) budget process and approved by the Board on April 27, 2021.

When do I start using my new address?

You should continue to use your current address until the street renaming becomes effective on July 1, 2022. Using the new street name of Richmond Highway before the effective date could result in missed deliveries and delayed services, including emergency response.

How will Prince William County notify me of the address change?  Will I receive official notification?

Yes, you will receive an official address change notification letter from Prince William County approximately 60 days before the effective date of the address change. This notice will be mailed around April 2022 to all property owners and licensed businesses. Please keep this letter with your records and other important papers for your residential or commercial property. The letter is your proof that an official address change has occurred.

Additionally, the County will be sending a courtesy letter to all property owners and licensed businesses, giving them advanced notice of the change, allowing time to prepare and become engaged. The courtesy letter will be mailed in the summer of 2021.

Will I be able to keep the same address number?

Yes, in most cases.  County staff are working hard for business/property owners to keep their same address number as long as it conforms to the PWC County Code for Addressing. – Chapter 24 – Streets.

Will my apartment number or suite number also change with this street renaming?

No. The assigned numbers to apartments, tenant spaces, and suites will remain the same unless there is an addressing problem that would cause public safety concerns.  In those cases, a separate notification would be sent to the property owner.

What happens if I don't change my address to the new one that has been assigned?

Not using your new assigned address may be jeopardizing your own and/or the public's safety and wellbeing. It may cause confusion that would result in delayed emergency services such as fire or police response. Additionally, using an incorrect address may cause delays in delivery services such as mail, package delivery service, and other service providers. Prince William County is the addressing authority for the jurisdiction. Under the County Code and Ordinances for addressing, using a wrong address or not posting the new address as assigned will result in a violation and a fine may be enforced. More information can be found in the Prince William County Code, Chapter 24, Section  24-21.

How will people know my address has changed?

Be advised that it is the responsibility of the property owner to notify all tenants, personal correspondents, and service agencies. Prince William County will notify various County agencies that are land and business related, utility companies, and the U. S. Postal Service of the effective date using the County’s electronic alert notification system for County Address Changes.  To be notified, one must sign up for a new account and register ( to receive a notification.

When should I begin to notify others of the new address?

Know that it is the property owner’s responsibility to notify all tenants and leaseholders of the address change. Depending on the type of business PWC may not know that a tenant or leaseholder exists. Owners, leaseholders and tenants must notify all personal correspondents, agencies, vendors and service providers of the change.

To make the transition to the new address as smooth as possible, staff recommends that you start preparing early and stay engaged throughout the entire project.  Begin gathering information now about who you need to contact if your address is changing. Communicate with these individuals and agencies that a change is going to happen in the future. Doing this early will help to minimize any interruption to deliveries and services.

Who should I notify of my change of address?

If you own COMMERCIAL PROPERTY , we recommend make contact with the following service agencies :

  • United States Postal Service
  • IRS
  • Tenant Leaseholders
  • Utility Companies
  • County Business License and County Permits
  • Local County, State, and International Licenses
  • Magazines and subscription services
  • Insurance Providers (Car, Health, Homeowners, etc.)
  • Insurance Companies
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Banks
  • Accountant, Attorney, Employers
  • Individual Service Providers (Deliveries based on business types)
  • Business Partners

If you own a RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY, we recommend make contact with the following service agencies and individuals

  • United States Postal Service
  • DMV (Driver's License)
  • Social Security Administration
  • Employer/landlord
  • Credit card companies
  • Banks
  • Mortgage Company
  • Utility companies (Phone, Cable, Power, Gas, Internet)
  • Home-Based Business Licenses, including State Licenses (i.e., Childcare, Baking, Office)
  • Home or Renters' insurance
  • Insurance Providers (Car, Health, Homeowners, Rental, etc.)
  • Individual Service Providers (Doctor, Dentist, Veterinarian, etc.)
  • Clubs & Organizations
  • Passports
  • Online Shopping Sites
  • Friends & Family

What should I do if an agency or provider refuses to recognize the new street address?

Use your official address re-assignment letter as confirmation that Prince William County has changed the address.  You may contact the Geospatial Technology Services office at [email protected] for assistance with any questions or concerns related to addressing problems.

I've had the same address for a long time. Will 9-1-1 be able to locate my new address?

County staff are coordinating the street name and address change with the 9-1-1 call system. The County’s 9-1-1 system will update the emergency response database with the new street name by the effective date. A reference record will be entered linking the old and new address. This will allow call takers and emergency responders to quickly find your residence or business under the old or new address after the effective date. It is in your best interest to use your new address after July 1, 2022 in order to get the quickest possible response time during emergency situations. 

What if my street number is one that is required to change? Is there a specific size that my address numbers must be for posting?

Yes. Per the Code Of Ordinances, Prince William County Virginia, PWC County Code, Chapter 24, Section 24-21, your address numbers are required to be a minimum size, depending on whether your property is a Commercial Property or Residential Property.

Sec. 24-21.  Display of number.

(a)   Each assigned address number shall be displayed at the front building entrance or that entrance which is clearly visible during both day and night from the street providing access to that building. If the address number cannot be posted on a building in a manner that makes it clearly visible from the street, then the address number shall be displayed at the end of the driveway nearest the street providing access to the building. Display of a street address at the corner of a driveway shall be such that clear identification can be made of the location of the building to which the address is assigned. Such identification shall be clear and visible and able to be made from both directions of travel on the roadway.

(b)   Numerals indicating the official numbers for each principal building or each front entrance to such building shall be at least three inches in height and be posted in a manner as to be visible and distinguishable from the street on which the property is located. Non-numeric postings of street addresses shall not be permitted, except in cases where such postings are in addition to the standard numeric posting required.

(c)   The display of street address numbers for multiple dwelling units, commercial and industrial buildings shall be solid numerals that are a minimum of six inches in height and one inch in width. Such numerals shall contract with the background on which they are posted and be clearly visible from the street on which the building is addressed and from easements in the rear of such buildings.

Will people still be able to find me using GPS services like Google Maps, Bing, etc.?

The County has partnerships established with these external agencies and will reach out separately to USPS, Google, and Bing Maps to notify them of the address change. The County does not have access to the providers databases and cannot control or guarantee when the updates will be made in their systems. If you are having issues with a service delivery or directions using any of these services, you should contact these providers directly.

How will this street name change affect my mail delivery?

The United States Post Office will continue to deliver mail to your old address for up to 1 year and in some cases beyond. This allows for a smooth transition between the old street name and the new street name as providers update their databases at different times.  

How will this street name change affect my package delivery and other services?

The County will notify county agencies that are tax, land or business related, as well as select service providers that have subscribed to the County’s electronic alert notification system for County Address Changes and, of course, most package and postal delivery services. 

Be advised that it is the responsibility of the property owner to notify all tenants, personal correspondents  It is recommended that you engage your delivery services with a phone call to notify them of the address change within 60 days of the effective date, as not all providers subscribe to the County’s notification system.

How will this affect my permits and licenses with Prince William County?

Prince William County Business License and Development Services work very closely with the county addressing staff in the Geospatial Technology Services office and are participating in all transition plans. Individual situations may require businesses and owners to get permits reprinted before their next renewal period. You can contact these offices directly to determine if your permit or license must be reprinted prior to its next renewal period.

Will the new address require inspections of my property?

In some circumstances, yes. Many fire and sprinkler alarm systems have the property address automatically programmed in to their panels. It is the responsibility of the property owner or business to notify the fire alarm company that the panel must be reprogrammed with the new address. The fire alarm company will then notify PWC Fire Marshal’s Office to perform an onsite inspection to ensure the new address is programmed correctly in the panel.

Will this street renaming change the legal status of my property?

No.  A new deed is NOT needed, as property is described by the legal description and a GPIN/Tax parcel number, not by the address. Therefore, an Address Change should not affect any property-related legal documents such as a Deed.

 In the meantime, if you are a resident or business owner with questions or comments about this process, please email the Renaming Route 1 Task Force at [email protected] or give us a call at 703.792.6825.