Site Development Process for Developers

The Department of Development Services (DDS) provides assistance to developers in completing their projects. Site development personnel work with developers, contractors, and builders throughout the development process to ensure that improvements meet the quality of local design standards and state specifications. For more guidance, information, questions, comments, or concerns:

Department of Development Services- Land Development
5 County Complex Court, Suite 180,
Prince William, VA, 22192
Phone: 703-792-6830; Fax: 703-792-5285

Customer Service Counter s: Monday – Friday, 8 a . m . – 4 p . m . (excluding holidays)

Contact phone hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (excluding holidays)



The County Preconstruction Package offers information on policies and procedures related to site development in the County. Please take a moment to review the package in its entirety.   /assets/2021-07/Pre-Construction%20Package%207-2021_1.pdf



Developers are to provide and maintain safe streets. Snow must be cleared from privately owned streets within 24 hours of a snow event or by 2 p.m. the following day (whichever comes first). If streets are not cleared within this time period the Department of Public Works will clear the snow. The cost to clear the road will be passed on to the Developer whose streets were cleared by the County. Consequences for failing to reimburse the cost to clear the snow may include the denial of requests for bond reduction, extension, occupancy and/or street acceptance. It is expected that streets are made accessible for safe driving within 4-6 hours of any event (other than snow) that adversely impacts travel.



Developers are to provide safe access to motorists and pedestrians throughout the development process. Streets and other public access points (sidewalks, trails, etc.) must be safe, and clear of debris, equipment, and other obstacles. In emergency clean up situations, such as the removal of debris after a storm, the streets should be made accessible for safe driving within 4-6 hours.

Developers and contractors must sweep the streets of dust, debris, and mud to prevent these materials from washing into storm drains.