The Sheriff's Office accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover credit and debit cards.Fees for service are in accordance with the Code of Virginia § 17.1-272:

A. The fee for process and service in the following instances is $12 per person:

  1. For service on any person, firm or corporation, an order, notice, summons or any other civil process, except as herein otherwise provided, and for serving on any person, firm, or corporation any process when the body is not taken and making a return thereof, except that no fees shall be charged for service pursuant to § 2.2-4022. Subpoenas, depositions and requests for admissions. (The agency or its designated subordinates may, and on request for any party to a case shall, issue subpoenas requiring testimony or the production of books, papers and physical or other evidence.)
  2. Summoning a witness or garnishee on an attachment
  3. Service on any person an attachment or other process under which the body is taken and making a return thereon
  4. Service of any order of Court not otherwise provided for, except that no fees shall be charged for protective orders issued pursuant to Chapter 11 (§ 16.1-226 et seq.) of title 16.1
  5. Making a return of a writ of fieri facias when no levy was made or forthcoming bond taken
  6. Summoning a witness in a case in which custody or visitation of a minor child or children is at issue

B. The process and service fee for serving any papers returnable out of state is $80.00 ($75 + $5 notary fee). No Personal Checks Accepted.

Mailing/physical address:

Prince William County Sheriff's Office
9311 Lee Avenue
Manassas, VA 20110
Phone Number: 703-792-6070

When mailing your papers for service, include a service copy and a cover letter indicating to where the affidavit of service should be returned. If you would like your affidavit of service completed, please indicate so. Otherwise, we will use our affidavit of service. If you have special instructions on service, or information detrimental to obtaining service, please provide that information in your letter. Of course, if you feel the individual may avoid service, a photograph is helpful, but not mandatory.

D. The fees set out in this section shall be allowable for services provided by such officers in the circuit and district Courts.

Fees for Sheriff Sales:

Fees: An advertising fee of $100is required in advance of sheriff sales. Sale notices are posted on the bulletin board located outside the main entrance of the Judicial Center and at two public places in the vicinity of the sale. Sheriff sales are also advertised on our website and on the Prince William Channel (Cable TV Channel 23/37). Additionally, individuals may subscribe to eNotifications to be notified of upcoming sales by email.

Sheriff's Commission of 10 percent will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale prior to disbursement.

Who may bid:

Anyone may bid at sheriff's sales, except employees and relatives of employees of any constitutional officer in the State of Virginia, per § 8.01-498 of the Code of Virginia.

Bidding procedures:

All sales are for cash only.

It is important the bidder listens carefully when the terms of sale are announced. The following are consistent terms:

• Everything is sold as is; no warranties apply.
• Everything is sold subject to any liens.
• Everything is sold to the highest bidder for cash.
• The property must be removed immediately at the conclusion of the sale. If moving arrangements need to be made, the bidder should consider this before bidding.

Any person who bids on property but fails to pay at the conclusion of the sale is liable for any difference if the property resells for a lower amount at another auction.

All bids must be reasonable, and the deputy reserves the right to refuse a bid which is considered unreasonable.

Note: All sales are subject to last minute cancellation without notice.