Child ID Events

You can invite the Sheriff's Office to an upcoming event in your community, whether an annual picnic or any activity bringing neighbors together.  At events all around the county, Sheriff's Deputies photograph and measure a child; add any demographic information a parent provides; and then produce a plastic ID card for the parent's safekeeping.  To protect the family's privacy, none of the information is retained by the Sheriff's Office. For families in our community, this card could be the key to assisting law enforcement agencies should their child ever become missing.  For the children, the process of producing the card offers a fun and positive experience of interacting with law enforcement officers.

Child ID Event

The Sheriff's Office may be able to arrange for vehicles; personnel, equipment, and displays, such as those listed below, to visit your community at no cost to you.

To see a list of all scheduled Child ID events, please see the 'Events' page on our website.

To request the Sheriff's Office to participate in your event, please complete the online request form below or for more information call 703-792-5817 or email: Lynsi Carroll at [email protected].  Your inquiry will be answered within two business days.  If you need further assistance, please get in touch with First Sergeant Matt Todd at 703-792-5442 or via email at [email protected].

Please be advised that many communities book their requests months in advance. Every effort will be taken to fulfill your request.