Below is a list of frequently asked questions with associated answers. If you have a question that is not on the list, call 703-792-6070 or to send us an email click here: Need Assistance Sheriff's Office Frequently Asked Questions

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Adult Detention Center FAQ

What is the difference between the Sheriff's Office and the Police Department?

The main difference between the Sheriff's Office and the Police Department is that the Sheriff's Office provides security for the courts and serves all of the civil process. The Police Department handles all criminal and traffic violations. When you dial 911, you will talk to the Police Department.

I found a paper posted to my door and the person(s)doesn't live here anymore. What should I do with it?

It is important to understand that the Sheriff's Office is not the only entity that serves processes. Private process servers are permitted to serve civil process as well. However, if you should find a process on your door for someone who does not live there, regardless of who may have served it, call the Sheriff's Office at 703-792-6070.

Why can't I come to the Sheriff Office and pickup papers for my husband, wife, child or anyone in my family?

The laws relating to service of process are very specific. If a person to be served is a party to the suit, he or she must be served in person.

I received a 72-hour Notice to Vacate, but I filed a motion to rehear, so how do I make sure the Sheriff will not come out on the date of the scheduled eviction to put my property out?

A motion to rehear does not stop an eviction process. There are a couple of remedies available to tenants. For that information you need to seek the advice of legal counsel.

My neighbor was evicted yesterday and there is a mess in the yard. Who should I contact to get the mess cleaned up?

Any property that is placed at the curb during an eviction process is the property of the tenant. It is considered theft to take the property once placed at the curb. If the property has been there for more than 24 hours, the neighbor may contact the Public Works Department - Neighborhood Services at 703-792-7018 or the city in which the property is located to arrange for a code violation investigation and disposal by the property owner/landlord.

I have heard there is a warrant for my arrest. Can you tell me if this is true?

If the warrant was issued by the court or a Prince William County Sheriff's Deputy, it would be in our system. Information on criminal warrants originated by the Police Department can be obtained by contacting the appropriate Police Department.

  • Prince William County Police Department: 703-792-6517
  • Manassas City Police Department: 703-257-8000
  • Manassas Park City Police Department: 703-361-1136
  • Prince William County Sheriff's Office: 703-792-6259

How do I find information about serving civil process?

For information regarding civil process , such as evictions, contact the Sheriff's Office at 703-792-6070.

What is the cost of service for civil process?

For that information, call 703-792-6070 or visit our Fees Web page.

How may I bond someone out of Jail?

The Magistrate's Office is responsible for all bonding. The office is open 24 hours a day. The phone number in the Manassas area is 703-792-6260.

What is the address of the Adult Detention Center (Jail) and when may I see an inmate?

The address is 9320 Lee Avenue, Manassas, VA 20110. For all questions regarding the Jail and or inmates call 703-792-6420 or visit the Adult Detention Center website.

What happens if I can't make it to court?

You need to contact the court that you are required to attend and advise them of the situation. ( Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court , General District , or Circuit Court )

The weather is bad and I'm not sure if court is canceled or not. What should I do?

Listen to your local radio station or call the court that you are supposed to attend. ( Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court , General District Court , or Circuit Court )

What is a video arraignment?

A video arraignment is a legal proceeding that is held via a special closed circuit TV where the inmate is still in jail but is seen and heard in court. He or she is advised of rights, the issue of bond is addressed and then the date for trial is set.

I have been selected for jury duty but cannot serve the days that are set out in the list. What should I do?

By law you must serve the days that are assigned to you. The Judge of the Circuit Court is the one that issued the subpoena for you, not the Sheriff's Office. The judge is the only one that can excuse you from jury duty. Contact court as soon as possible after receiving your summons to discuss your alternatives.

How much does it cost for fingerprinting, and where may I pay?

The price is $10.00 for two fingerprint cards, and $5.00 for each additional card, paid at the Sheriff’s Office. Debit, credit or money orders only. For more information visit the Fingerprinting Web Page .

I just got a parking ticket while at the Judicial Center. Where may I pay the fine?

Parking tickets are paid at the Manassas City Hall, located at 9027 Center Street; phone number 703-257-8200. Go east on Lee Avenue, take a right onto Grant Avenue, take a left onto Center Street, go three blocks, City Hall is a four story brick building located on the right, after Main Street, across from Old Town Inn.

Where is the Western District Police Station?

The address is 8900 Freedom Center Boulevard., Manassas, VA, 20110.

Where can I get a Police Records check?

Prince William County Police Department
Records Section
8400 Kao Circle, Manassas VA 20110

What happens to lost/found items turned into the Sheriff's Office?

When lost and found items are turned in at the Sheriff's Office, an effort will be made to contact the owner if identification can be made. 'Lesser valued items' such as sunglasses, umbrellas, books, etc. are maintained for a period of 60 days, if those items are not claimed by the owner within 60 days, they are donated to a shelter or destroyed at the landfill. Items of unclaimed money are processed according to the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Treasury AP-1 Report Form for Unclaimed Property. Items of greater value, such as; electronics, weapons, briefcases, etc. are turned in to the PWC Police Department's Property and Evidence Section. Records of donation and destruction of lost and found items are maintained by the Sheriff's Office.