Each year, Sheriff Glendell Hill announces when online applications are being accepted, for the Virginia Sheriffs' Institute (VSI) Scholarship program. This scholarship was established to provide an opportunity for young people across Virginia to pursue an educational curriculum in criminal justice. Accordingly, the Board of Directors has established the application process for students to receive scholarships to assist in their educational endeavors. The scholarships are available only to students in jurisdictions where sheriffs participated in the scholarship fundraising efforts. This program is limited to students attending Virginia colleges and universities.

 2024-2025 VSI Scholarship Press Release



1. Brianna Castro- received a $1,000 VSI Scholarship award.

2. Jamilah Dalton- received a $500 VSI Scholarship award.

3. Leah Jones- received a $1,000 VSI Scholarship award.

4. Jaelynn Vance- received a $1,000 VSI Scholarship award.

Sheriff Hill, Brianna Castro, Jaelynn Vance, and Leah Jones











Sheriff Hill, Brianna Castro, Jaelynn Vance, and Leah Jones

2024-2025 Scholarship Program Policies:

1. Eligibility
a. Students must be a permanent resident in a Virginia county or city where their sheriff is a member of the Virginia Sheriffs' Institute and has authorized VSI to conduct mailings to raise funds for the scholarship program.
b. Students, 18 and older, must be registered Virginia voters and provide a copy of their voter registration card. Students under 18 are required to provide a copy of their picture ID with their home address, providing proof of residency.

2. Applications are now available on the Virginia Sheriffs' Institute website. To access the 2023 online scholarship application, please click here VSI Scholarship Information

3. Applications must be submitted online with all the required information by May 1, 2024The deadline will be adhered to.

4. Two types of scholarships will be awarded: $1,000 for full-time students and $500 for part-time students. All scholarship awards to students will be consistent (i.e., all check amounts will be the same) depending on the type.

5. Only majors in the criminal justice field will qualify for a scholarship.  Those majoring in law or pursuing a career as a lawyer are not eligible.

6. Only students attending  Virginia colleges or Universities for the 2024-2025 school year will be considered.

7. Applications must be completed online and electronically signed, or the student will not be considered.  This includes a letter of recommendation from the individual sheriff from your home region. If you are a Prince William County resident, please contact the Prince William County Sheriff's Office at (703) 792-6070 to schedule an appointment  with Sheriff Hill  to receive his letter of recommendation.  

8. Certificates of award will be mailed to the individual sheriff's office by the end of May 2024

9. Upon verification by the students of chosen college/major, checks will be made payable to the educational institution indicated on the application.  College or University student IDs will be required to issue a scholarship check.

10. Letters of rejection will be mailed to students directly from the VSI office.

Application Checklist:

  • A Current Letter of Recommendation from the Sheriff where you Live and Vote? The letter must be from the Sheriff. Letters from deputies or other staff members in the office will not be accepted.  The letter must be current.  Past recommendation letters will not be accepted.

  • Application Completed Online and Electronically Signed?

  • Majoring in Criminal Justice Field (Not pre-law/law)?

  • Attending a Virginia College or University for the 2023-2024 school year?

  • Application and all Required Documents and Information Submitted Online by May 1, 2024?

  • Essay Included?

  • High School Transcripts submitted (for incoming freshman applicants only)?

  • College Transcripts submitted for currently enrolled college students? College student’s transcripts must list the major. Unofficial transcripts will be accepted.

  • Proof of Acceptance from College or University Submitted (for incoming freshman applicants only)?

  • For Students 18 and older, a copy of voter registration card submitted? For students under 18, a copy of a government issued picture ID with home address submitted?