Law Enforcement Imposter Scams

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Law enforcement and the courts will never solicit money or gift cards from residents for any purpose. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be an officer, sheriff's deputy, or court official, be cautious...THIS IS A SCAM! Never provide any personal, financial, or otherwise private information to an unknown person. Scammers use pressure tactics, "spoof" their phone number to replicate a legitimate organization and use ruses to indicate a loved one is hurt or jailed. The best course of action is to immediately hang up, up and contact the agency directly through phone numbers on official sources if you have concerns, or to verify the information you received.

To report a law enforcement imposter scam, please contact the Prince William County Police Department at 703-792-6500 or report online:

File a Police Report Online

The below scam reported the week of 4/26/2024:

4/26/2024 scam

A scammer, posing as law enforcement, may contact you and request money in lieu of bring arrested for missing a court date (jury duty, subpoena, etc.)

A law enforcement agency will NEVER ask for payment to avoid an arrest.

Do not rely on your caller ID to verify who is calling.

Do not pay anyone who calls unexpectedly.

Do not give out your information.

Remember, the court system will contact you via mail, and never impose a fine until the individual appears in court.