Senior Safe Program

The Sheriff’s Office Senior Safe program is a free of charge program designed through the use of a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) to assist in protecting seniors while they remain in their homes. The system allows users to connect with the Sheriff’s Office help through pressing a help button that is worn as a necklace, pendant, or a wristband. Seniors can access this help anytime, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. The Senior Safe program can help seniors remain independent and possibly avoid a retirement home by sending help fast in the event of an emergency, such as; medical, fall, or even an intruder situation. Deputies will install the Help Dialer 700 to the clients existing home land line phone jack and program 3 emergency contact phone numbers into equipment with the last phone number being the Sheriff’s Office number. If client’s home does not have a land line and only has cell phone service a Bluetooth adapter will be provided by the program coordinator to connect the Help Dialer to a phone line. Deputies will also record emergency message onto equipment stating client’s name, address and that client is in need of an emergency. When the client activates their panic buttons the Help Dialer 700 calls the 3 phone numbers and plays your personalized emergency message. If a courthouse deputy or our control receives the call the receiver simply presses any button on their phone and opens the full 2-way communication through the built in speakerphone from several rooms away. The receiver of the call will take down all emergency information and then contact 911.  Click here to complete the Senior Safe Program Application.