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The agency's Office Professional Standards is, in essence, one of it's quality control centers. Allegations of an agency employee's inappropriate behavior, misconduct, or failure to follow agency rules and policies are almost always investigated by OPS.  If you believe you have been treated in an inappropriate manner by a member of the Sheriff's Office you are encouraged to contact this office so the issue can be properly investigated.

Sheriff Hill is committed to providing all citizens and visitors of Prince William County the best possible law enforcement services available. The Sheriff believes good ethics and principles on the part of every deputy and employee of the Prince William County Sheriff's Office are the very foundation of a professional organization.

As a means of constantly striving to improve police performance and maintain the highest respect from the community of the Prince William County Sheriff's Office:

  • Seeks citizen input for improvement in our services.
  • Welcomes citizen commendations of our personnel who admirably perform their duties.
  • Encourages questions and/or complaints regarding the agency's performance or the actions of its employees whenever there is a concern.

Please complete the form entirely and provide as much detail as possible.