Zoning Ordinance

The Prince William County Zoning Ordinance consists of text and a map that classifies all land into various zoning districts. The Zoning Ordinance is subject to periodic revisions upon action by the Board of County Supervisors. See the links below for the Zoning Ordinance Text and Map in the Municode section for Prince William County, Chapter 32 Zoning.

*Important Please Note: The Zoning Ordinance is Chapter 32 of the Code of Prince William County in Municode. Changes to Municode from recently adopted Ordinances approved by the Board take approximately four (4) months. Recent amendments are available to view by going to the Zoning Text Amendments web page.

What is Zoning?

Zoning is a power, granted by the state, that allows Prince William County to regulate land use; the size and coverage of lots; the height, bulk, and siting of buildings; and the density of development. The Prince William County Zoning Ordinance, as adopted and amended, is for the general purpose of promoting the health, safety, and general welfare of the public; providing for development of new community centers with adequate highway, utility, health, educational and recreational facilities; recognizing and providing for the needs of agriculture, industry and business; providing that the growth of the community be consonant with the efficient and economical use of public funds; and implementing the intent, goals, policies and action strategies of the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

The specific zoning of land is intended to complement its Comprehensive Plan classification and governs the uses that are allowed and the standards of development. Consulting the Zoning Ordinance and Map is the first step in determining if a desired use is allowed. If a particular use or type of development is not allowed under the current zoning of the site, then a Rezoning and/or Special Use Permit application may be filed with the Planning Office.

Overlay Districts - Special public interest zoning overlay districts protect and enhance certain specific lands and structures. This includes data center opportunity zones, flood hazard areas, historic districts, designated highway corridors, Chesapeake Bay preservation areas, airport safety, technology, and redevelopment.

GIS County Mapper - The GIS Mapper may be used to query and view zoning and other geographic data maintained by the County government. Please note, however, that the map information is not to be construed or used as a "legal description." Map information is believed to be accurate, but accuracy is not guaranteed.

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