Preliminary Site/Subdivision Plan

The following forms are required when submitting a preliminary site/subdivision plan:

A Preliminary Residential Site and Subdivision Plan (PL) is required for all residential projects which create three (3) or more lots or units. The Prince William County Planning Commission approves or denies preliminary residential subdivision plans involving 100 or more lots/units.

Preliminary residential site and subdivision plans are meant to show the layout and design of a residential site or subdivision project, including necessary public improvements. Land Development Division staff (and the Planning Commission when appropriate) can indicate its approval or disapproval of the project prior to the time the final plans and plats are designed, detailing the public improvements utilities, etc. Attention is given to the arrangement, location, and width of streets and travelways; arrangement and size of structures; feasibility of water supply and sewage disposal; general handling of site drainage, lot sizes, and arrangement; the relationship of adjoining vacant and developed lands; the guidelines of the Comprehensive Plan; and regulations of the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance. Preliminary plans do not depict final engineering design and details.

Preliminary plans take approximately three to five months depending on when a Planning Commission hearing can be scheduled. The plans are valid for five years from their date of approval, provided they are diligently pursued.