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Building Development Division

Fence in a Storm Drain Easement

The Department of Public Works must approve the installation of a fence within a storm drain easement. With approval, fences can be installed under these conditions:

  • Installation of the fence and types of materials used do not impede the flow of water and water does not pond on adjacent properties.
  • Fence post installation does not disturb any utility lines of piping which might be present.
  • If County workers damage or remove portions of this fence during maintenance or reconstruction, the property owner is responsible for all repair and replacement costs.
  • County has permission to use gates in any fences and cross portions of property, outside the easement, to access the easement. This permission is conveyed as a condition of any future ownership of this property.
  • Permission to install the fence within the storm drain easement only pertains to easement rights owned by the County and administered by Public Works.

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