Land & Site Development Fees


Land Development FY22 Fee Schedule – With the exceptions noted on the table below, the BOCS approved a 4.5% across-the-board increase to the fee schedule.  The increase will support the following fee-based activities: Rezoning and Special Use Permit Applications (SUPs), Site and Subdivision Plans, Geotechnical Studies, Floodplain, Resource Protection Area Studies, Site Development Bond Administration and Permits, and Lot Grading Plan Reviews. 


Land Development Fee Schedule


Fee Type

FY21 Adopted Fee


Adopted Fee

Home Occupation Certificate - Family Day Home



Home Occupation Certificate Appeal



Variance to the Board of Zoning Appeals



Re-Advertisement/Re-Notification (standard case)



Re-Advertisement/Re-Notification (expanded notification area)



Re-Posting/Replacement Sign (of 10 or more signs)



Appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)/BOCS



Non-conforming Lot or Structure



Non-conforming Use



  1. New Certification



  1. Re-Certification applied for in less than or equal to two years from last certification date



  1. Re-Certification applied for more than two years from last certification date



Zoning/Proffer/Special Use Permit - Determination or Interpretation



Zoning Verification (submitted by other than the homeowner) (DMV, DEQ, HUD)



Grading Permit, percentage of erosion control escrow, $1,761.55 minimum*





Not to exceed


*For projects that hit the cap, permit validity of two years only.  A new permit is required based on the remaining bond/escrow amount.  Unit price list (cost to complete) will be required and verified before approval.  All other bond/escrow processes apply.




FY21 Adopted

FY22 Adopted

Bond Release Fee (due prior to bond release)

Bond Release Fee (due prior to surety release)

Special Use Permit Fees


Category D - Non-commercial and commercial uses of minimal impact or intensity.

Category D - Non-commercial and commercial uses of minimal impact or intensity.

  • Electronic message board sign(s)*


*In addition to existing bullets.


PAYMENTSNew home development in Prince William County

The exact amount should be used when calculating payments for land development review(s) and permit fees when submitted as part of the application process. If there is a miscalculation of fees by less than 20 percent and the plan meets quality control screening standards, the Department of Development Services will accept the plans and adjust the amount by the final submission (signature submission).

Any fees calculated on an area basis must be figured to a minimum of two decimal places. For example, if the parcel area is 8.49956 ac, do not use 8.4 ac or 8.5 ac, 8.50 ac should be used to calculate the fees.

Payment can be made using cash, checks, or credit/debit cards for all land development review(s) and permit fees. However, credit card payments for bonds and/or escrows (including lot escrows) will not be accepted (cash or separate check only). Checks should be made payable to ‘Director of Finance, Prince William County'. Only the following credit/debit cards will be accepted for land development fees: Master Card, Visa, and Discover. All credit/debit card transactions must be processed in person. Currently, we do not accept credit/debit card payments over the phone or online.

FEE CALCULATION SHEETS:New commercial development in Prince William county

See Land Development Documents or Forms Permits and Applications for the necessary application forms.