Final Site Plan

A  Final Site Plan is a detailed engineered drawing showing the proposed improvements required in the development of a given parcel and demonstrating the requirements of the Design and Construction Standards Manual and other laws. It is required for commercial, office, industrial multi-family, public facility development or any land disturbing activity not involving a residential subdivision where the project will cumulatively disturb more than 2500 square feet of land. The Land Development Division administratively approves final site plans. Final site plans take approximately three to five months for approval. The plans are valid for five years, within which time the performance bond must be posted, plats must be recorded, and site development permits must be obtained.

A Final Site Plan Revision is required when any change to the original final site plan is proposed.  

The following forms are required when submitting a final site plan or revision to a final site plan:

Final site and subdivision plans and plats and any necessary supporting documents for a proposed project are required for approval of a site development permit. A final plan includes detailed engineering and layout drawings for the public and private improvements, in addition to any necessary engineering calculations required for review. Upon approval, final plans and plats form the basis for the construction of the project and are used by the Department of Public Works and the state to inspect the project.