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    The Land Development Division (LDD) of the Department of Development Services is responsible for reviewing and coordinating the review of land development plans for conformance with the County's Design and Construction Standards Manual and Zoning & Subdivision Ordinances. Land Development manages the site and subdivision plan review and permit issuance process, administers the posting and releasing of bonds and escrows, and issues zoning permits.

    5 County Complex Ct., Ste. 180
    Prince William, VA, 22192
    (703) 792-6830 (TTY: 711)
    Mon – Fri 8am – 4pm
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    Design & Construction Standards

    The Prince William County Design and Construction Standards Manual (DCSM) has been developed and designated to assist the public with the policies and regulations that apply to land development in the County. The provisions relate primarily to the requirements which apply to the review and approval of site development plans and plats, and construction in accordance with those plans.

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    Live Entertainment

    A Certificate of Live Entertainment (CLE) is required prior to a business offering a regular reoccurring form of live entertainment, or when a Temporary Activity Permit request includes a form of entertainment. Not everyone is required to obtain a CLE.

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    Administrative Procedures

    The Administrative Procedures Manual sets forth the process which applicants need to follow to gain approval of site development plans and pursue construction of land improvements on a parcel of land in Prince William County.

Performance Bonds & Escrow

Upon approval of a final site plan or final subdivision plan, the property owner must apply for a site development or site preparation permit and obtain an acceptance guarantee of performance to assure the timely construction and completion of legally required site and subdivision physical improvements.
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Proffer Analysis Policy

A proffer or conditions analysis is intended to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the completion status of a proffer or condition. Project Managers and Inspectors utilize the analysis to track the status of proffers and conditions at various stages (triggers) of the development process from site/subdivision plan submission through bond release.
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