Subdivision Ordinance

The subdivision of land in the County according to a reasonable set of requirements and guidelines confers benefits upon the individual landowner and upon the community. When a landowner seeks to acquire the advantages of lot subdivision, he or she must comply with the reasonable conditions laid down by the Board of County Supervisors for design, dedication, improvement, and restrictive use of land to conform to the adopted comprehensive plan for the physical and economic development of the County and for the safety and general welfare of the future lot owners in the subdivision and of the community at large.

The Board of County Supervisors pursuant to the recommendation of the Planning Commission and a public hearing held in accordance with § 15.2-2204 of the Code of Virginia does, by the adoption of the subdivision ordinance, exercise the police power given by §§ 15.2-2240 through 15.2-2276 of the Code of Virginia to assure the orderly subdivision of land and the police power conferred by § 15.2-2224 of the Code of Virginia to implement the comprehensive plan of the County and the general police power as given by § 15.2-1200 of the Code of Virginia.

Wherever any subdivision of land is proposed, the subdivider shall apply for and secure approval of such proposed subdivision in accordance with the procedures set forth in the subdivision ordinance in the Design and Construction Standards Manual and in the Administrative Procedures Manual. In most cases, a Final Subdivision Plan is required. 

The Subdivision Ordinance has been amended by the Board of County Supervisors. The amendments became effective on Aug. 5, 2006. View the Amended Subdivision Ordinance.