Final Plat

Final Plats (PT) are generally required for all subdivisions re-subdivisions and consolidations of parcels, delineation or vacation of easements, or right-of-way dedications, where a legal description is required. (When the owner of several undersized existing nonconforming lots wants to consolidate those parcels into one parcel for the construction of or addition to an owner-occupied single-family residence or accessory structure, a final plat will not be required. The consolidation will only require the review and approval of a Deed of Consolidation.) All plats, once approved, are recorded at the Land Records division of Circuit Court in Manassas.

A Final Plat Revision (RV) is required when any change to the original final plat is proposed.

The following forms are required when submitting a final plat or revision to a final plat:

Final Site and Subdivision Plans and Plats, and any necessary supporting documents for a proposed project constitute the complete application for construction approval. A final plan includes detailed engineering and layout drawings for the public and private improvements, in addition to any necessary engineering calculations required for review. Upon approval, final plans and plats form the basis for the construction of the project and are used by the Department of Public Works and the State to inspect the project.