Residential Deed of Consolidation

Residential Deed of Consolidation (without associated consolidation plat)

A Residential Deed of Consolidation is permitted when an owner desires to combine two or more contiguous residentially zoned lots into one lot.

The following forms/materials are required when requesting a deed of consolidation:

The review of an application for deed of consolidation is conducted by the Land Development Division with the Mapping Office and County Attorney’s Office as review agencies. Initial review is completed and comments forwarded to the Land Development Division within 12 business days of application transmittal. The case manager will issue a summary letter within four days of comment receipt. This summary letter will outline any deficiencies that need to be addressed as well as any additional comments and issues raised by the review agencies. Following receipt of the summary letter, the applicant must make any necessary revisions and resubmit the revised materials. Subsequent reviews if necessary require seven business days for agency review.

Upon approval, the application will be appropriately stamped and signed. The applicant must take the deed to the Land Records division of the Circuit Court in Manassas to be recorded. Once recorded, a copy of the recorded Deed of Consolidation should be returned to the Land Development Division for the file.