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Transformation Management Office

What We Do

The Transformation Management Office (TMO) partners with agencies and the community involved in transformation initiatives and projects around continuous improvement tools, knowledge and skills. The TMO provides coaching, consultation, structured problem solving, business process improvements; the office collects, promotes and highlights innovations and success stories and works on countywide initiatives.

The mission of the TMO is to develop, design and lead strategic initiatives focused on action-oriented process improvements and change management, digital transformation and a lens of person-centered delivery of government services for residents, visitors, employees and those doing business in Prince William County. The TMO will help build and facilitate a more collaborative approach across government agencies to solve for and transform the county’s biggest organizational challenges into responsive, inclusive and customer-focused experiences. This is achieved by encouraging and amplifying a culture of inclusion, innovation, accountability and continuous quality improvement.

Through weekly Recognizing Innovations in Service Excellence (RISE) meetings, the TMO and the Executive Steering Committee highlights, reviews, supports and coordinates new and existing innovations, transformations and change management projects.

We provide the following services:

  • Process Improvement and Mapping Support
  • Change Management Support
  • Project Management Support
  • Develop Solutions In Service of Customers
  • SMART Goal Development and Performance Benchmarking
  • Community Outreach and Partnership Consultation

Please contact us through our email [email protected], if you have questions.