General Addressing Info

Who is the Addressing Authority in Prince William County?

The Geospatial Technology Services (GTS) Office for Prince William County is responsible for assigning and maintaining addresses for every parcel and premise in Prince William County (with the exception of Manassas Park and the City of Manassas). PWC GIS retains limited information in the Towns of Dumfries, Haymarket, Occoquan and Quantico.

Per the County Code of Ordinances, Article II, an address assigned by the GTS Office is the official address of record. This article also establishes that the GTS Office interprets, administers and enforces the addressing of Prince William County, including issuance of violations to ensure compliance to the Code.

Prince William County has three (3) different types of addresses: 

  • Parcel addresses are assigned to a single piece of land. 
  • Premise addresses are assigned to buildings and/or units that are located on a parcel of land.

In cases where the parcel of land contains a single structure that is owner-occupied, the parcel address and premise address are the same. In cases where many structures are located on the same parcel (such as apartment complexes or business parks), the premise address will be different than the parcel address.

Buildings with multiple units will have one address for the main entrance with a unit, apartment or suite number to identify each separate unit. Houses or single tenant buildings have one address for the entire structure.