Swimming Pools

To apply for zoning approval for a residential swimming pool:

Residential Swimming Pool
  • A Processing fee in cash, check, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) in accordance with the current Fee Schedule.
  • Special Power of Attorney Affidavit: Required if the applicant is not the homeowner or a registered Prince William County contractor.
  • Provide three (3) copies (to-scale) of the house location survey plat, with the proposed swimming pool drawn to scale.
  • Written authorization from the Department of Public Works, Watershed Branch is required if the swimming pool is constructed in a Resource Protection Area (visit the GIS County Mapper to view RPA and other overlay districts) and must be obtained prior to application for zoning approval. The Department of Public Works, Watershed Branch is located at 5 County Complex Court, Suite 170 in Prince William. The Branch may be contacted at 703-792-7070.
  • Written approval from the Prince William County Health Department is required for all lots with a well or septic system.
  • All detached structures, including the pool and deck, must be located at least five (5) feet from the dwelling.
  • Please note that any future decks connected to the pool must meet the minimum required setbacks.
  • If lot is three (3) acres or less:
    • the pool can be located in the rear yard only;
    • the pool (and pool equipment) must be at least five (5) feet from rear and side property lines.
  • If lot is greater than three (3) acres:
    • the pool may be located in any yard area, but must maintain the same setbacks as for the primary structure in that zoning district.
Do I have to put a fence around my pool?

The building code requires a barrier around pools. The barrier must be at least 4’ high, and has various requirements based on the type of barrier and the type of pool, spa or hot tub. For more information please see Barrier Requirements or contact Building Development at (703) 792-4040 (TTY: 711).

For questions regarding Swimming Pools or other zoning approval requirements please send an email to [email protected] or call (703) 792-6830 (TTY: 711)