Planet Direct Moves to Innovation Park; plans to create 100 new jobs

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Prince William County celebrated Planet Direct's expansion in Innovation Park, last week. In attendance were Ann B. Wheeler, Chair, Prince William Board of County Supervisors, Jeanine Lawson, Brentsville District Supervisor, Wade A. Hugh, Director, Department of Development Services, Ricky O'Connor, PWC staff, media and more!

“We are most excited about the efficiency, safety and expansion capacity that will come with our new building,” Planet Direct President Ryan Gutman said (pictured third from right). “Innovation Park offered us a strategic location to meet the specific needs of a manufacturing business, and the County was able to meet our critical timelines," according to InsideNOVA.

During the event, special recognition was given to the Department of Development Services team of professional experts - Tom Shrewsbury, Haywood Kines and Alan Lee, who ensured the customer met those timelines. Special thanks also went to the County First Preventers Team that worked behind the scenes - Laura Foltz, Dan Ierley, Leroy Cade, Bill Spicer, Alan Lee, and Mohanned Abdalhameed. Planet Direct has called Prince William County home since 2008.

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