Local Offender Probation Supervision


Criminal Justice Services' Local Offenders Probation program (also referred to as the Community Corrections Program) provides short-term supervision and services primarily for post-adjudication misdemeanor offenders. These offenders are court-ordered into the Local Offenders Program and given a deferred or suspended sentence pending successful participation. These offenders undergo a research-based, validated risk and needs assessment and are then referred to services appropriate to those risks and/or needs.

The court determines the length of time the offender will be supervised and what obligations and services the offender shall participate in. Probation staff monitor the offender's progress in treatment programs, payment of court costs, program fees, and any other conditions imposed by the court. Probation officers send written reports to the court and make recommendations based on an offender's level of participation/success. The program was designed to maintain offenders under supervision for a period of six months, though supervision lengths vary based on offender needs and obligations required by the court.

Offenders under the supervision of Criminal Justice Services are required to abide by the following conditions:

  • Home and employment verification
  • Office visits with a probation officer
  • Random drug and/or alcohol testing
  • Community service work
  • Any other special conditions imposed by the court

Participants in Local Offenders Probation may also be ordered to participate in any of the following programs / services:

  • Cognitive Group
  • Substance Abuse Group
  • Inpatient/outpatient treatment including HIDTA (High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area): http://www.hidta.org
  • Shoplifters’ "STOP" Education Program
  • Anger Management Group
  • Domestic Violence Education Group
  • Intensive Supervision and Treatment for Sex Offenders