Treatment Services

The Family Treatment Team provides counseling and support for families in which abuse and neglect of children has been identified or where risk factors for abuse and neglect is determined to be high. Family Systems Theory is used in working with these families. This approach regards the family as a whole unit for treatment, and it includes the nuclear family as well as the extended family. The intent of our involvement is to develop and improve upon the safety and protection of the children, to improve the health and welfare of the family as a unit and to create effective functioning in the home as well as in the community.

The Family Treatment Team has two specific programs within the team that focus on maintaining the children in their homes if possible, but if not, to have them in a placement other than the Foster Care System. These programs are Alternative Caregivers Program and Family Group Decision-Making.

  • Family Group Decision-Making is a process in which families are engaged and empowered to make decisions and develop plans that nurture and protect their children from further abuse and neglect. This program involves family extended family support people community members and service providers coming together to create a plan for the care and safety of the children and/or vulnerable family members. Family Group Decision-Making is a voluntary process that draws on family experience knowledge and resources.

In addition, we offer an 11-week Anger Management Class for those persons who are involved with Social Services, whose family a social worker has determined would benefit from the class, and who agree to attend and be an active participant.

 Anger Management Program

This Anger Management Program is designed to assist you by helping you understand What IS happening before the blow up and then to create different ways to manage the anger before it feels out of control.

Often anger issues come from people not knowing how to get their needs met. Together we will look at your current stressors and find ways to manage them and focus on how to be assertive vs. aggressive in getting your needs met.

Our facilitators are highly skilled and certified by National Anger Management Association.

We are offering also the Spanish interpreter services to meet the needs according the population we reach.

 Prince William County, Department of Social Services has helped our community through this program and promise to deliver a high quality, easy to follow, superior learning experience.

FACILITATORS Certified by the National Anger Management Association:

 Raymar Byrd
CPS, Family Services Worker Ill Prince William County DSS
(703) 792-7655 (TTY: 711)
[email protected]

For more information contact:
Glenda Garcia-Burgos
Administrative Coordinator I Protective Services Division Prince William County DSS
(703) 792-7670 (TTY: 711)
[email protected]

How our Program works?

The department has established to offer this class twice a year. The first 10 classes are programmed to start during the first weeks of spring season. The second during fall season, based on the number of participant per season.
The Anger Management Program consisted one (1) class per week for a total of ten session s per season.

  • No Cost
  • Once a week
  • We will provide an excellent support for Spanish speakers
  • Accessible location inside Prince William County facilities