Juvenile Traffic Case Information


The Judge informs young drivers that for certain traffic violations they could lose their license for a year; their insurance rates would likely increase; they could be sent to driver improvement school and/or have to perform community service. 

 The judge also reveals the new penalty he employs: "I MAKE THE KIDS RIDE THE SCHOOL BUS!"

The judge puts high school juniors and seniors on the bus. He provides each unfortunate young driver with a form for the bus driver to initial every morning and afternoon. The bus driver includes his or her name and a contact number for the judge to call to verify that the young driver was on the bus, and was polite to all other students riding the bus. On the driver’s next Court date, he or she is required to bring this form back to the judge for the final disposition.

Cases involving juveniles accused of traffic violations are heard by the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. Certain violations, called pre-payable traffic infractions, may be prepaid at the clerk's office if the juvenile wishes to plead guilty and not contest the charge. The traffic summons should be examined to see if the arresting officer has marked that trial may be waived (given up) to permit prepayment. 

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