Budget Adoption

The Board of County Supervisors will adopt the FY2025 Budget on Tuesday, April 23, 2024. The adopted budget approved resolutions and ordinance are listed below. 

Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Adoption Memo (Agenda Items 7A-7J)

Agenda Item #


Res. No. 24-343

 Adopt Fiscal Year 2025 Real Estate Property Tax Levy, Fire Levy, Personal Property Tax Levies, Business Professional and Occupational License Tax Levies, Motor Vehicle License Tax Levies, Personal Property Tax Relief, Special District Levies, and Parks and Recreation Fees to Support the Fiscal Year 2025 All Funds Budget

Ord. No. 24-16

 Adopt Fiscal Year 2025 Stormwater Management Fees, Solid Waste User Fees, Land Development Application Review and Inspection Fees, Land  Use Application (Zoning, Rezoning and Special Use Permit) Fees, Building Development Fees, and Fire Marshal’s Office Fees to Support the Fiscal Year 2025 All Funds Budget

Res. No. 24-347

Budget and Appropriate the Fiscal Year 2025 All Funds Budget and Adopt the Fiscal Year 2025-2030 Capital Improvement Program

Res. No. 24-348

Budget and Appropriate - Fiscal Year 2025 School Budget

Res. No. 24-349

Budget, Appropriate and Transfer Fiscal Year 2025 Transit Special Revenue Fund

Res. No. 24-350

Authorize Amendments to the Position Classification and Pay Plan in Accordance with the County’s Adopted Compensation Policy

Res. No. 24-351

Authorize Continuation of the Hiring Incentives Plan for Hard to Fill Positions with Recommended Changes and Authorize Implementing an Incentivized Retention Period for the Adult Detention Center Sworn Jail Officer New Hires

Res. No. 24-352

 Authorize the Contribution of Fiscal Year 2025 Operating Surplus to Maintain the Required Fund Balances Identified in the Principles of Sound Financial Management

Res. No. 24-353

Adopt Fiscal Year 2025-2029 Five-Year Plan

Res. No. 24-354

 Amend the Fiscal Year 2025 Fiscal Plan to Budget and Appropriate the Remaining Balance of $956,932,751 for Estimated Encumbered Purchase Orders and Contracts, Estimated Unencumbered Capital Construction Project and Grant Project Balances, Estimated Non-Capital Small Project Construction Balances, Economic Development Opportunity Fund Grants, and the Estimated Unencumbered Community Services Balances Supported by State and Federal Revenue as of June 30, 2024