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Fiscal Plan (Budget) 

The Fiscal Plan implements the BOCS' policy guidance and vision that works to achieve the community's Strategic Goals. This document fulfills the statutory requirements and administrative responsibilities under the County Executive form of government. Archived below, are proposed budgets (FY2024-FY2017), adopted budget resolutions (FY2024-FY2012), and adopted budgets (FY2021-FY2000).

Proposed Budgets:  FY2024 | FY2023 | FY2022 | FY2021 | FY2020 | FY2019 | FY2018 | FY2017

Adopted Budget Resolutions/Ordinances: FY2024 | FY2023 | FY2022FY2021 | FY2020 | FY2019 | FY2018 | FY2017 | FY2016 | FY2015 | FY2014 | FY2013 | FY2012

Capital Improvement Program 

The CIP is the capital infrastructure component of the County's fiscal plan, an important part of the County's Five-Year Budget Plan and an implementation tool for the Strategic and Comprehensive Plans. The CIP implements Board of County Supervisors' and community's policy guidance and is the tool the County uses to build needed infrastructure and amenities that contribute to an excellent quality of life in Prince William County.

Archived below, are CIPs from FY 2014 through FY 2004 and the Proposed FY 2014-2019 Capital Improvement Program. After FY 2014, the CIP was no longer published in its own document but incorporated into the fiscal plan.

Strategic Plan

The Prince William County Strategic Plan is a four-year document designed to help the County achieve its long-term vision. As such, it provides crucial policy guidance for service delivery and resource allocation decisions during the Board of County Supervisor's four-year term. Strategic plans from FY 2017-2020 through FY 2004-2008 are available below.

Community Survey (Citizen Satisfaction Survey)

The Citizen Satisfaction Survey is one of many reports used to evaluate the performance of Prince William County programs and an indicator of public support for proposed policies and initiatives. In addition, the survey tracks changes in demographics and attitudes of the citizens and helps inform budget and resource allocation decisions. When conducted properly, the survey serves as a reliable source to inform a community's strategic decision. Archived below, are surveys from 2016 to 2007.

Quarterly Revenue & Expenditure Report

In compliance with Section 2.09 of the Principles of Sound Financial Management, the Office of Management & Budget is required to present quarterly updates within 45 days of the end of each quarter on the County's general fund budget and trends to the Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) with revenue and expenditure projection through the end of the year. Archived below, are reports from FY18 to FY15.

Year-End General Fund Turnback Report

Local governments in Virginia are not permitted to overspend the legally appropriated annual budget. As a result, savings are generated each year. The Year-End General Fund Turnback Report provides information on agency revenue surplus and expenditure savings for each County general fund department.


Budget Variance Report

The FY2009-FY2013 Budget Variance Report was published with the Proposed FY 2015 Budget. This report contains a five-year history of revenue and expenditure for each County agency and a discussion of how Prince William County uses year end savings which accrue due to vacancies, zero base budget reviews and process improvements.