Zoning Determinations And Interpretations


Virginia Code f 15.2-2286(A)(4) enables a Zoning Administrator with all of the necessary authority to administer and enforce the zoning ordinance. From time to time, the zoning administrator makes decisions or issues orders in his or her administration or enforcement of the zoning ordinance. These determinations invariably affect the interests of certain persons.

The range of issues that the zoning administrator may be asked to resolve in an official zoning determination and interpretation may include:

  • The meaning of a particular regulation in the zoning ordinance.
  • How a land use should be classified and whether the use is permitted within a particular zoning district.
  • Whether a proposed structure complies with setback, height, bulk and other requirements.
  • Whether an owner has vested rights.
  • Approval of minor deviations to an approved special use permit plan.
  • Determination of conformity of site and subdivision plan with a Zoning Map Amendment (Rezoning)
  • Interpretation of proffers and special use permit conditions.
  • Approval of new development standards or modifications to housing unit type in the PMR district.

When a request for an official determination is made, the Zoning Administrator must respond within 90 days unless the requester has agreed to a longer period.

Application for Interpretation/Determination (Zoning Ordinance, Proffers, & Special Use Permit Conditions)

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