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Who’s ready for some pickleball? If you’re ready to join the masses of the approximately 36.5 million people who have played pickleball at least once in the last year then grab those paddles and come check out our pickleball courts in Prince William County—we’ve got 32 to choose from!

Pickleball continues to be the fastest growing sport in the U.S. and that growth can be felt in Prince William County. In the past year Prince William County has added seven new pickleball courts – two at Anne Moncure Wall Park; two at Brittany Neighborhood Park; and two at Braemar Park, as well as one dual-purpose court at Rosemount Lewis Park for both pickleball and tennis.

“The growth continues to be tremendous,” says Nick Katsarelis, president of the Woodbridge Pickleball Club and pickleball instructor at Veterans Memorial Park. “Our club has grown to over 400 members—a 25% increase since this time last year.”

While pickleball was initially very popular with older adults as a great way to get some low-impact exercise as well as socialize, it is steadily growing among younger adults.

“We have definitely seen a trend of younger players joining in… and many converts from tennis and racquetball,” says Katsarelis. “We are also seeing more college-aged people. There is even a nationwide tournament for college players.”

If you’re ready to get started or you're just looking to improve your skills, Prince William County Parks has several upcoming pickleball group lessons from level 1 for beginner, through level 3 for advanced players or those with more experience. 

“Level 1 class is the basics course… rules, court safety, basic shots and strategy as well as some guidelines and etiquette,” says Katsarelis. 

In level 2 and 3 classes students will learn strokes including dinks, volleys, forehands, backhands, and the serve. Participants will also learn all the rules and how to keep score. Pickleball paddles and balls are provided for all group lessons. Tennis shoes are required.

We’re also offering a Pickleball Fitness and Injury Prevention class which based on the Pilates Method. In this class you will learn specific exercises to improve balance, core strength and whole-body flexibility, alignment and agility, and joint mobility and protection to refine and enhance your pickleball game.

At a recent general membership meeting for the Woodbridge Pickleball Club, Katsarelis says about 50 members showed up which is impressive. 

“The members still joke about how easy it is to get hooked on this game, but the friendships and bonds with other people may be the true magic of the sport.”

If you’re ready to get started, click here to see all pickleball group lesson dates and times. Class sessions take place in March to April, and April to May. Spots are filling up fast so get registered today!

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