After Arrest Process

After arrest, the person will be taken in front of a magistrate to determine the bail amount and whether he or she will be committed to jail or released on his or her own signature.

The Intake section receives all inmates. Officers will inventory personal property and monies. Each inmate is searched to prevent the introduction of contraband into the facilities. All inmate property is taken and secured as part of the process. Any necessary hygiene items will be supplied by the facility. Other items may be purchased through the commissary. Items considered contraband such as cigarettes and alcohol will be destroyed upon admission, without exception.

An inmate's personal property can be released with that inmate's authorization to the person of their choice. When releasing personal property, it is our practice to release all of the property.

Intake staff provide initial medical and suicide screening, take photographs and a fingerprint for the purpose of identification, and assign initial housing in a receiving unit. Once received into the Adult Detention Center, inmates are afforded the opportunity to make three phone calls.