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4-H activities are designed for learning by doing, and they are also designed to be fun!


You may think 4-H is for children who live on farms. That was true in the past, but now there are 4-H clubs in every part of the country - in rural areas, in suburban neighborhoods and in cities! Boys and girls join 4-H because it provides opportunities to work and play with friends, to learn and do interesting things and to develop skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

  • A 4-H club is an organized group of youth (ages 5-19) with elected officers and a planned program that is conducted throughout the year.
  • Clubs are led by volunteer leaders and may focus on one or more project areas.
  • Club officers conduct monthly organizational meetings using parliamentary procedures.
  • Members participate in a variety of learning experiences in their organizational meeting and project meetings. There is emphasis on community service and learning leadership skills. All clubs are focused on positive youth development.
  • 4-H Cloverbud Clubs are designed for children ages 5-8. In a Cloverbud Club, there is great emphasis on parent involvement and support.
  • Groups are led by adult volunteers and focus on learning-by-doing curriculum. These clubs are small and conduct non-competitive activities.
  • Participating members are encouraged to develop and progress at their own speed.

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  • Clubs meet in homes, conference rooms, schools or churches.
  • Some clubs meet during the day and others meet in the evening.
  • Clubs meet on weekdays or on the weekend.
  • Almost every area of Prince William County has a 4-H club.
  • A club usually has one club meeting and one project meeting or activity each month.
  • New members can join any time during the year.
  • Some clubs meet all year, while others do not hold regular meetings after the school year ends.


  • Club members learn by completing 4-H projects. There are project books that interest youth in a wide variety of topics such as animals, cooking, sewing, technology, plants, the arts, the environment, robotics, photography and woodworking. The list goes on and on.
  • In a 4-H Club, kids can participate in 4-H projects, community service projects, contests, conferences, camps and events sponsored by the county, district, state and national 4-H organizations. A 4-H'er can look forward to new and different 4-H experiences as he or she gets older.

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  • Call the 4-H office in Prince William County (703-792-6286) or e-mail to learn about the club nearest you.
  • We will forward your inquiry directly to a leader who will provide information about the club.
  • If you do not live near a club, let's start one in your area! You may have several friends who would like to join and one or two adults who would volunteer to lead your club. Contact our office; new volunteer 4-H leaders will be provided with all the information and training they need.


4 Steps to Starting a Prince William 4-H Club

Become a 4-H Club Leader

Creating an Inclusive 4-H Environment for All (video)

4-H Opportunity for All (flyer)

True Leaders Stand Up to Bullying (video)

Dedicated volunteers, like YOU, help Prince William County youth develop new interests, make new friends, practice decision-making skills, and gain leadership skills through 4-H. 

You can start a 4-H Club in 4 EASY STEPS:

  • STEP 1: Contact the Prince William County 4-H Office and attend a leadership training session. 
  • STEP 2: Tell the 4-H Story and invite families to join the new club by promoting the opportunities available through 4-H. Encourage adult volunteers to assist in specific club responsibilities.
  • STEP 3: Conduct 4-H Club Meetings and encourage youth to create a club name, establish meeting times, develop an annual plan, organize projects, and elect youth club officers.
  • STEP 4: Keep the 4-H Club Strong by conducting regular meetings, establishing good communications, getting involved in local, state and national 4-H activities, recognizing achievements, participating in community service, and building community relations

4-H ALL STARS4hallstars.png

4-H All Stars is an honor/service organization. Membership in 4-H All Stars is the highest recognition that a Virginia 4-H'er can achieve. Virginia 4-H All Stars is service oriented, and volunteer operated.

The All Star's goal is to contribute to positive youth development through "service" to the 4-H program of which they are a part. The 4-H program becomes the springboard from which an All Star jumps to other areas of service to people throughout his/her lifetime. The 4-H All Star organization strives for a cooperative effort with the 4-H program in all areas.

Click here to learn more about Virginia 4-H All Stars in Prince William 4-H.

Click here to learn more about Virginia 4-H All Stars.


Joanne Guhl Scholarship 
Joanne Guhl was a member of the Boots and Saddles 4-H Club who passed away in1984. Her parents honor her memory by awarding a college scholarship to a 4-Her. Applicants must be enrolled the Prince William County   4-H program and must have been accepted at an institution of higher learning. Preference is given to 4-Hers pursuing a career in animal science. Applications are due in May each year.  

Bernard Malo Scholarship
Bernard Malo was a past leader of the Trigger Time 4-H Shooting Education Club. Bernie, a 4-H All Star, was active at the local, district, and state level and gave much to the youth of Virginia. His family, who are all 4-H’ers and friends, started a scholarship fund to honor his memory. Trigger Time 4-H Club members have continued to help this scholarship fund grow. This scholarship is for higher education for those entering as a freshman into any four-year college, community college or vocational school. Trigger Time member applicants are given first consideration. The amount of scholarship may vary from year to year. Applications are due in May of each year.

All Around 4-H Member Award and All Around 4-H Volunteer Award
The All Around 4-H Member and All Around 4-H Volunteer Awards were created to recognize individuals who demonstrate exemplary service to Prince William 4-H through participation in program planning, development, and implementation at the club level and beyond. This yearly award will be given to individuals who strengthen local 4-H clubs and county 4-H by encouraging and promoting youth members and volunteers, helping to recruit new members and leaders, and through leadership responsibility while promoting service through volunteerism. 

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Virginia Cooperative Extension complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you are a person with a disability and require auxiliary aids services or other accommodations for a workshop or meeting please discuss your accommodation needs at least five days prior to the event with Virginia Cooperative Extension 703-792-6289/TDD PC 1-800-828-1120.

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