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Prince William County Police Department

Compliments & Complaints

The Police Department is committed to providing the public with the highest level of professional law enforcement service. We shall always strive to perform our duties with acceptance, understanding and approval.

  • If you would like to commend a Police Department employee for work considered worthy of recognition, please complete the form found in the box on this page and do one of the following:

    Once your commendation has been received, it will be documented and conveyed to the employee and his or her supervisors. A copy of the commendation will also be placed in the employee's permanent service record. As you would expect, our employees sincerely appreciate positive feedback from the citizens they serve.

  • Likewise, it is the policy of the Police Department to accept and investigate all complaints or allegations of misconduct on the part of any employee. In doing so, the Department will endeavor to be fair to both the complainant and the employee(s) involved.

    To register a complaint, please complete the form found in the box on this page and contact one of the following:

    Your contact can be made in writing, by telephone, or in person to the address and phone numbers listed below.

    Once your complaint has been received, it will be investigated according to appropriate procedures and you will be notified of the results. The Police Department encourages the filing of legitimate complaints as a means to hold the Department and its employees accountable to the public.

Office of the Chief of Police
5036 Davis Ford Road
Woodbridge, VA 22192

  • Charlie T. Deane Station: 703-792-8555
  • Gar-Field Police Station: 703-792-7200
  • Paul T. White, Jr. Building: 703-792-5111
  • Office of Professional Standards: 703-792-4127

For more information, please contact the Office of Professional Standards by calling 703-792-4127 or email.