Vacant Homes


Vacant Homes Facts at a Glance

  • Vacant homes can deteriorate quickly and become magnets for crime
  • The deteriorating property in a neighborhood lowers the value of homes within that community
  • Vacant homes can draw unwanted activity to a neighborhood, including:
    • Windows or doors become broken inviting vandals to loot and further destroy the home
    • The grass grows tall and litter accumulates
    • Pose a health and safety concern for the entire neighborhood
  • A vacant and unsecure structure is unsafe!

Tall grass vacant home.jpgProtecting Vacant Homes in Your Neighborhood and How You Can Help

If you notice a home that seems unoccupied for an extended period of time or in disrepair, please contact the County at 703-792-7018 (or use the reporting form).

Please call the Police Non-Emergency number 703-792-6500 if you see suspicious behavior at the site of a vacant home or 911 if you see a crime in progress.