Things to Do this Spring - Staff Picks!

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From our parks and playgrounds, to endless programs, events and activities, there are so many things you can do this spring with Prince William County Parks. Not sure where to start? We asked Parks and Recreation staff what some of their favorite things to do are in the springtime, so check out their recommendations below.

Go paddleboarding at Lake Ridge Park. It’s a great workout and nice way to spend the day on the water.” – Bonny G., Marketing

Take a walk around Silver Lake Park and admire the redbud and dogwood trees—they’re absolutely beautiful this time of year! The park is also a great place to catch the sunrise or sunset.” – Jane E., Recreation

Spend some time at the Neabsco Boardwalk—whether during the day to take in the sights and sounds of the creek and marsh emerging from winter, or by participating in one of the evening environmental programs to take in spectacular views of the full moon, stars, and nocturnal wildlife.” – Ryan A., Recreation

Meet your “neighbors” at the Earth Day celebration at the Neabsco Boardwalk. You’ll learn about the wetlands most beautiful animals and the habitat they call home.” – Rosemary M., Marketing

My favorite thing to do in the spring is to go to K9 Gunner Dog Park with my two dachshunds!” – Kat F., Chinn Fitness

My favorites are hiking the trails and using the pedal boats at Locust Shade. I’ve also been meaning to check out yoga on the boardwalk.” – Elle W., Human Resources

My favorite thing to do in the spring is walking the trail at Valley View Park to see all of the bluebells.” – Matt S., Senior Park Ranger

Grab your paddle and come check out one of our pickleball courts—we’ve got 32 to choose from!” – Lani P., Marketing

Walk the trail at Andrew Leitch Park—beautiful trail surrounded by trees, a perfect walk with your favorite four-legged (leashed) friend.” – Sara S., Recreation

Visit the Dale City Farmers Market—one of the best in the area!” – Amber S., Marketing

My ABSOLUTE favorite thing to do in the spring within PWC Parks and Recreation is to walk on the Neabsco Boardwalk—it is so beautiful in the spring! I love seeing all the wildflowers in bloom, the birds are flying everywhere and there are usually lots of baby turtles and beaver sightings!! (And the weather isn’t too hot yet!)” – Jennifer H., SBDCRC Fitness

Looking for more ideas? Check out the latest edition of Leisure covering programs and activities from May through August. To view locations and information on all of our parks, check out our PWC Recreation Mapper.

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