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Building Development Division

Building Code Interpretations (Current)

The International Code Council publishes Interpretation Manuals for the International Codes. Contact the International Code Council (888-422-7233), or visit the Council's website to purchase the relevant manual.

The Virginia State Technical Review Board issues interpretations for the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (VUSBC). Contact the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development at 804-371-7000 or visit the website.

The Prince William County Building Official issues interpretations to clarify the technical requirements of the VUSBC. Interpretations are typically issued as a result of a specific question from citizens, contractors, or County staff. If an individual disagrees with an interpretation, an appeal can be filed with the Prince William County Board of Building Code Appeals. Following are the interpretations issued by the Prince William County Building Official:

Number Description Code/Section Issued
2018-01 Permit Required IBC/108 07/01/21
2018-02 Type 1 and 2 Construction - Combustible Materials Allowed - Ceiling Cap IBC/2018, Section 603 07/01/21
2018-03 Type 1 and 2 Construction - Combustible Materials Allowed - Furniture IBC/2018, Section 603 07/01/21
2018-04 Through Penetrations IBC/2018, Section 707, 708, 711 07/01/21
2018-05 Egress - Elevated Walkway IBC Sections 1003 & 1011 07/01/21
2018-06 Doors - Locks and Latches IBC Section 1010 07/01/21
2018-07 Playground Egress IBC Section 1010, 1028 07/01/21
2018-08 Dining Surfaces IBC/2018, Section 1108.2.9.1 07/01/21
2018-09 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities ICC A117.1-2009 07/01/21
2018-10 Accessibility Requirements in Existing Buildings  VEC/402, 404 &710 07/01/21
2018-11 Tents - Temporary Lighting VCC/2018, NEC/2017 07/01/21
2018-12 Piers, Wharves, Docks Section 108.1 09/29/21

The previous interpretations can be viewed at Building Code Interpretations (Archive).