Agricultural & Forestal Districts Committee

The Prince William County Agricultural and Forestal Districts Advisory Committee (AFD Advisory Committee) consists of four Prince William County land owners who are engaged in agricultural or forestal production, four other Prince William County land owners, Prince William County's Finance Director and a member of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.

No meetings are currently scheduled

The Agenda is usually posted five days before the meeting.

The Committee is appointed by the Board of County Supervisors (Board) to advise the Planning Commission and the Board of County Supervisors in the creation, review, modification, continuation or termination of agricultural and forestal districts in the County. The committee can also provide expert advice about the nature of farming and forestry and agricultural and forestal resources within the County. Members serve at the pleasure of the Board. The Committee meets monthly during review of new applications; otherwise, meetings are held as needed.

To confirm meeting schedule or for further information contact Toni Brzyski at (703) 792-6832 or David McGettigan at (703) 792-7189 (TTY: 711) or email [email protected]

AFD Contact Info

AFD Archives - Past agendas, briefs, resolutions and audio recordings 

Agricultural and Forestal Districts may be reviewed on a regular basis, however, an applicant may apply to have property added at any time by submitting an application to the Planning Office. Owners of properties within the current Agricultural and Forestal Districts are required to request authorization from this Committee before removing property from the district or changing the land use. The findings and recommendations of this Committee are forwarded to the Planning Commission and the Board of County Supervisors for action. The standard for review for removal of land from an Agricultural and Forestal District is good and reasonable cause.

On January 23, 2018, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors passed a resolution to adopt a revised Formation and Extension of Agricultural Forestal District Fee in the amount of $50 to create a new Agricultural and Forestal District or to join an existing District. 

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