Comprehensive Plan Amendments


Comprehensive Plan Amendment Applications are normally reviewed annually. The application submission deadline is no later than the first Friday of the calendar year. See the Long-Range Fee Schedule for the fees associated with submitting an application for a comprehensive plan amendment.

Long Range Land Use Change Request Applications

Please note this change of process for 2021: During the review of all long-range land use designations countywide, long-range land use change requests were accepted, including those associated with residential-only land, if submitted by May 12, 2021. All submissions received by close of business May 12, 2021 will be considered for review as part of the Land Use update of the Comprehensive Plan Update. There is no fee associated with the informal input and it was requested that each submission include any proposed change to a Comprehensive Plan Land Use Classification along with a justification statement and any supportive information for the proposed change.

The Planning Office received 35 Long Range Land Use Designation change request applications. These applications consist of 78 parcels and approximately 1,871 acres. Staff is reviewing these applications as part of the Land Use Chapter update. Interactive Map of Submitted Applications 

Pending Comprehensive Plan Amendments

CPAs that have been filed may be found on the Pending Planning Cases Interactive Map Application.

The Planning Office will still accept out-of-turn CPA applications which include the following:

  • Applications within the Potomac Communities (areas east of I-95);
  • Applications for designated targeted industries;
  • Applications within an existing, or creating a new, Center of Commerce or Center of Community;
  • Applications for commercial or mixed-use development with a commitment to a concurrent rezoning;
  • Re-designation of public land to private use or ownership.

As the update to the Land Use chapter progresses, there will be several opportunities for the public to provide feedback, comments, and/or recommendations as part of the community input process. Opportunities for the community input process will be posted as they are scheduled on the Planning Office website as well as being announced using the PWC Alerts notification system.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) Process

CPA applications are submitted to the Planning Office for initial staff review. The Planning Office staff will prepare an analysis and recommendation for consideration by the Planning Commission at a public hearing. The Planning Commission is a standing committee appointed by the Board of County Supervisors to advise the Board on land-use issues. At a subsequent public hearing, the Board will consider the case and the Commissioners' recommendation, and either approve or deny the application. The Board action is final.
It is recommended that prior to submitting a CPA application, a prospective applicant call the Planning Office at 703-792-7615 to schedule a pre-application meeting with a planner. This allows for the early identification of possible issues regarding the property and the potential application. It also introduces the applicant to the review process.
If the CPA will have a concurrent rezoning application, the CPA should be initiated before the rezoning application is heard by the Planning Commission.

Contact the Planning Office

To submit your comments, concerns or ideas on any pending comprehensive plan amendments, choose one of the options below: