Build-Out Analysis

Build-Out Analysis: December 31, 2019

The Build-Out Analysis is an annual publication produced by the Planning Office that provides an update on growth in Prince William County. Information is pulled from occupancy permits, rezonings, special use permits, and Comprehensive Plan amendments that were issued or approved during the reporting year.

The report shows the number of residential units built and an approximation of units yet to be built, commonly referred to as the "pipeline". The report also provides an approximation of unbuilt non-residential gross floor area square feet (GFA). For purposes of the Analysis, the County is divided into 7 areas: Developed Area, Build-Out Area, Residential Inventory, Non-Residential Inventory, Revitalization Areas, Small Area Plans, and the Rural Area.

The Build-Out Analysis provides a projection of maximum and future development based on the Long-Range Land Use Plan and helps determine quantity and location of future growth for Prince William County.

Methodology and Other Build-Out Analysis Resources

Build-Out Methodology: An explanation of how the data is calculated
Build-Out Analysis and County Mapper XM: How to locate a case on the County interactive mapping web page
Link to County Mapper XM.

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