Indoor Sports & Events Center

PWC Sports & Events Center

The Prince William County Sports and Event Center is a proposed large indoor multi-sport and special event facility, that if ultimately approved, will be developed in North Woodbridge. The facility would fill a need for indoor space for Prince William County residents as well as increase sports tourism opportunities and catalyze ancillary commercial development. MEB Contractors submitted an unsolicited proposal to design, build, and operate the facility in response to the Board of County Supervisors' directive to staff to seek a partnership with the private sector. As proposed, the facility would accommodate sports such as track and field, volleyball, basketball, pickleball, cheer, wrestling, football, and soccer as well as special events such as graduations, trade shows, expos, and corporate and community events.

The proposed facility includes: 

  • 8 basketball courts (convertible to 16 volleyball courts and 24 pickleball courts)
  • 200-meter hydraulic banked indoor track and event space (convertible to 6 basketball courts,12 volleyball courts, and 18 pickleball courts)
  • Spectator seating for up to 6,800
  • Multi-purpose rooms, lounge, kitchen, dining area, bathrooms, locker rooms, administration space, and storage space



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Proposed Location
13505 Telegraph Road, Woodbridge, VA 22192
Proposed Location Telegraph Road
Proposed Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much will this project cost?
  • Who is paying to construct and operate this facility?
  • How is the County proposing to pay for the facility?
  • Why doesn’t the private market build and operate this facility?
  • Where are we in the process?
  • How can I provide feedback?
  • Will the facility make money or lose money?
  • Will there be any traffic impact studies done around the proposed center?
  • How will the facility be operated?
  • Can the community use this facility?
  • Is this a recreation center?
  • Will there be a pool?
  • I live on the western end of the County, this is too far to travel to. Why isn’t the western side of the County being considered?
  • What are the larger economic impacts of this project?
  • How is this facility different from the Virginia Beach facility that was losing money?
  • What is the benefit to PWCS, won’t they lose revenue from not hosting the high school athletes at their own sites?


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