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    The Office of Historic Preservation serves as stewards of County-owned historic structures, interiors, archaeological resources, natural resources, historic landscapes, artifacts, and collections. We also help build community identity through telling the story of our County through programs and events. The Office of Historic Preservation's goal is to show the connections between our history, our present, our future and our growth as a community.

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      Historic Perspectives

      In the summer issue of Historic Perspectives articles include: Where Are The Dead Buried?, Collections Corner: Bristow Station Post Office Desk, Image Spotlight: Blackburn Grave, History Corner: Admiral Byrd’s Third Expedition and more. The issue also includes a full listing of summer programs and events.

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      Beaver Dam at Bristoe Station

      Bristoe Station Battlefield is well known for its civil war encampments and battles, but many of our visitors also are interested in the natural aspects including forests, wetlands and streams. Recently, beavers constructed a large dam across a 20th century agricultural pond, raising the water level of the pond and washing out one of the trails.

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      World War II Uniforms

      The bars, buttons, and metals on a World War II uniform can tell you a lot about the soldier who wore that uniform. Using the information from the uniform and the historic resources available, Historic Interpreter, Nathan McDonald at Rippon Lodge offers insights on the stories a uniform can tell.

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      Volunteer with Us

      The Office of Historic Preservation need volunteers during the week and on the weekends. Pick the time and volunteer work that is best for you! Opportunities include docents, tour guides, junior preservationists, children's program leaders, gardeners, living history, special events, research, just for scouts and more.

    Brentsville Jail Museum Now Open

    In its nearly 200-year existence, the Brentsville Jail has seen a lot of different uses. From a jail in the 19th century, to a dormitory, private house, and office space in the 20th century, the building has changed a lot over the years. After years of restoration and research, the Brentsville Jail Museum is NOW OPEN! Visit Brentsville Courthouse Historic Centre to visit the museum which tells the story of the town of Brentsville and its inhabitants, and highlights the building's various uses.
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    Virtual Learning

    Experience history, language arts, math, and more at home with Prince William Historic Preservation's virtual learning lessons! "Visit" some of the County's different historic sites including Ben Lomond, Brentsville Courthouse, Rippon Lodge, King's Highway, and more by watching a short video on the Historic Preservation Division YouTube Channel and completing one of the corresponding worksheets.
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    For Teenagers Who Love History

    The Office of Historic Preservation's Junior Preservationist Program is for teenagers between the ages of 13-18. Junior Preservationists experience amazing opportunities and go behind the scenes of local historic sites, working with trained historic preservations and historians. Program participants have the chance to assist staff with special events, summer camps, education programs and the daily operations of some of the oldest historic sites in Prince William County.
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