Preserving More Than Just History

Bristoe Trees

The Office of Historic Preservation of the Department of Parks, Recreation, & Tourism is the proud caretaker of many acres of land in our community. This land is not only part of a historic resource, but it is also a valuable natural resource and open space.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the community, we take pride in preserving and protecting this natural space. We are striving to create natural habitat for animals and plant communities, outdoor areas to study, and areas that allow visitors to enjoy all that is natural. In addition, we are preserving vulnerable and endangered natural ecosystems including meadows and wetlands.

  • At Rippon Lodge, volunteers and staff are nurturing warm season grass meadows, native wildflowers, and animal communities. Rippon Lodge now serves as a sanctuary to help restore honey bee populations. Learn more.
  • At Ben Lomond, volunteers and staff are tenderly caring for an antique rose garden.
  • At Brentsville, volunteers and staff have built a mile long nature trail leading to Broad Run and maintaining a warm season pollinator field. 
  • At Bristoe Station Battlefield, volunteers and staff have planted over 6,000 trees to bring Bristoe Station back to its Civil War era appearance and are cultivating native warm season grasslands (meadows). Grasslands are listed as an endangered habitat in our country. To learn more about grasslands, please visit:

Our goal is to preserve, interpret, and enhance the natural spaces within our historic sites. This allows us to remember the past, but to also safeguard our lands and wildlife for the future. Our historic sites are wonderful places to observe wildlife and native plants. Bring your binoculars, field guides, and cameras on your next visit!

We are proud to be designated a valuable and protected natural site by: