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Planning Office

Adjacent Jurisdiction Development Initiatives

Curious about what neighboring jurisdictions, including the independent cities of Manassas and Manassas Park and towns within the county, are doing with development adjacent to Prince William County? When Prince William County receives notices from other jurisdictions, links to the documents will be posted on this page.

Click on the case number/name for a link to the application submitted.

Stafford County

Proposed Amendment to the Stafford County Comprehensive Plan

  • The Stafford County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing to consider an amendment to the "Stafford County Virginia, Comprehensive Plan 2016-2036 2021 5-Year Update," adopted on November and 16, 2021. The proposed amendment would modifying modify the text to Chapter establish 2.0, "The new land Foundation use policies for the and Future" guidelines for Chapter solar 3.0, facilities "The and Land Use energy Plan" storage by facilities.

Fauquier County

Zoning and Development Services - Comprehensive Plan Amendment - COMA-22-018715

  • The Fauquier County Board of Supervisors initiated a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Chapter 9: Public Facilities and Utilities to designate corridors or routes for electric transmission lines in accord with Section 15.2-2223 of the Code of Virginia and update policies related to electrical utility facilities. 

Fairfax County (Planning web page)

Department of Planning and Development - Plan Amendment (PA) 2021-CW-Tl (Route 7 BRT)

  • Plan Amendment 2021-CW-Tl concerns the long-term transportation planning for the Route 7 corridor, and adjacent roadways, from the West Falls Church Metrorail Station to the Spring Hill Metrorail Station, within the Dranesville, Hunter Mill, and Providence Supervisor Districts. The Plan Amendment assesses future, multimodal needs for the corridor, with a specific evaluation of bus rapid transit (BRT), based on current data and
    tools, and updates the long-term transportation recommendations within the Comprehensive Plan.

Loudoun County (Planning web page)


  • A Commission Permit (CMPT-2023-0014) pursuant to Section 10.09, is proposing to construct a 72,000 SF public service utility center on a parcel zoned TR-3 LF.

Dominion Energy Loudoun Panel Wiring Shop

  • A Commission Permit (CMPT-2023-0014) pursuant to Section 5-616, is proposing to construct a 72,000 SF public service utility center on a parcel zoned TR-3 LF and TR-3 UBF.

Dominion Public Utility Service Center PMTG-2023-0096

  • Dominion Public Utility Service Center PMTG-2023-0096. The parcel, Loudoun County PIN 251281811000, is immediately adjacent to Prince William County.

City of Manassas (Meetings and Hearings Web Page)

SUP #2024-0001 and REZ #2024-0002 Jennie Dean Elementary School; 9601 Wellington Rd & 9913 Godwin Dr 

  • To amend special use permit for the construction of a new Jennie Dean Elementary School (900 students), located at 9601 Wellington Rd, zoned R-1 (low density, single-family residential) and AOD. Additionally, rezone 28.78 acres of Dean Park located at 9913 Godwin Dr from I-2 (heavy industrial) and AOD to R-1 (low density, single-family residential) and AOD for the purpose of implementing the Comprehensive Plan by eliminating heavy industrial zoning throughout the City. Both properties are located in the Suburban Neighborhood Character Area of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

Environmental Assessment for a Replacement Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT), Manassas Regional Airport

  • The City of Manassas (City) proposes the construction and operation of a replacement Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) at Manassas Regional Airport (HEF or Airport). The City proposes to construct a replacement ATCT at the Airport to improve the functional and operational capabilities of the service provided by the FAA ATCT personnel. The need to replace the ATCT is a combination of safety, operational, and infrastructure deficiencies.

Rezoning #2024-0001: Caton-Merchant House 9201 Portner Avenue 

  • To consider an application to rezone with proffers from R-1 Single Family Residential (Low Density) to R- 6 Age Restricted Residential to add 16 additional assisted living/memory care units to an existing 78-room assisted living facility. The property is located in the Downtown Character Area of the Comprehensive Plan.

Independent Hills Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses; 9828 and 9912 Cockrell Road 

  • To consider a special use permit to expand the use “Assembly, Place of (50 or more persons) at 9828 and 9912 Cockrell Road; To consider a proffer amendment for 9912 Cockrell Road to remove the limitation on assembly size; To consider a rezoning for 9828 Cockrell Road from R-2 (Low Density, Single-Family Residential) to R-2S (Moderate Density, Single-Family Residential). 9912 Cockrell Road is zoned R-2S (Moderate Density, Single Family Residential) and 9828 Cockrell Road is zoned R-2 (Low Density, Single-Family Residential). Both properties are designated Neighborhood Business in the Comprehensive Plan.

Milestone Towers Telecommunication Facility 10490 Colonel Court

  • Milestone Tower Limited Partnership IV, d/b/a Milestone Towers, requests a Special Use Permit to allow for the construction and operation of a wireless telecommunications facility. The facility will consist of 150' tall monopole and associated equipment located in a 765 square foot leased compound area screened by an 8' tall chain link fence. The overall property is owned by SSTI 10490 Colonel CT LLC and is used as a self-storage facility.

City of Manassas Park (Planning and Zoning Web Page)

Rezoning, RZ#22-03, Artena Park

  • City of Manassas Park Planning and Zoning Administrator presented a third submission for the Rezoning, RZ#22-03, Artena Park

Rezoning RZ #23-0I to change the zoning district from PF Public Facilities district to R-1 Single-Family Residential district

  • Planning Commission of the City of Manassas Park will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 7:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as possible, for the purpose of receiving public comment on, reviewing, and considering the following:

    Rezoning, RZ#23-0l, to change the zoning district from PF Public Facilities district to R- 1 Single-Family Residential district on a 0.1048-acre portion of Lot 1035A, Section Five, MANASSAS PARK, which will be created by consolidation of Lot 1035, Section Five, MANASSAS PARK with a 0.1048-acre portion of Lot 1036, Section Five, MANASSAS PARK. Lot 1035 is located at 104 Denver Drive and is identified with tax map no. 2-1-1035. Lot 1036 is located at 106 Denver Drive and is identified with tax map no. 2-1-2036.

    Public Utilities and Other Projects

    Dominion Energy- Dominion Energy Virginia's Proposed Daves Store 230 kV Line Extension Project in Prince William County, Virginia 

    • Collectively, the Daves Store 230 kV line extension and related transmission projects are referred to as the "Project". The Company has identified proposed and alternative routes in new right-of­way for the Dave's Store Lines, as shown on the attached Project Overview Map. 

    Dominion Energy - New Road-Middleburg 115kV Electric Transmission Rebuild Project

    • The electric transmission line that runs from [the] New Road Substation to [the] Middleburg Substation is at the end of its service life and needs to be rebuilt to maintain reliability for the more than 9,000 customers it serves.

    For more information on any projects listed contact the appropriate county or city Planning & Zoning Office.